I wish I knew how to quit you, TWC

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  1. Halie Satanus
    Halie Satanus
    Water under the bridge, though I did save every pm, msn convo and e-mail from that time.
  2. Evariste
    To be fair, I've never done this. I just wanted to group you all together so I could more easily judge you.
  3. Calvin
    I lasted a week? Maybe two.
  4. Evariste
    I was going to put up a still from Brokeback Mountain, but I'm not going to go through all this album malarkey.
  5. the Black Prince
    the Black Prince
    I lasted 3 months in my self imposed exile I think. Admittedly, it was made easier due to me being possibly the most reviled figure on TWC at the time and by my friends at the Org ensuring I immediately got a job offer on another TW forum to be an admin, so I was being at that place for a while.

    There's just something about this place that's so compelling. I don't know what it is anymore. It used to be the high quality intellectualism found in all the posts that you just couldn't get on the official boards or the Org. Our numbers have increased to the point that while the intelligence is still there, its admirably hidden by waves of utter rubbish. Then it was the Curia, but that's now as useful as a chocolate teapot. I guess it must be the community. Afterall, I've been here since 2002 and known a handful of people here for that long that leaving this place is like leaving a part of you behind.
  6. Calvin
    I came back because for some reason I honestly do not know, I find the ES fun. Plus they offered me a spot on the RS2 dev team. How could I turn that down?

    However, I've kept out of the curia and site politics pretty well I think.
  7. HorseArcher
    I check on you guys time to time. I successfully quit this place, but ...I'm still here. :-)
  8. Belisarius
  9. imb39
    My name is Ian. I am a TWC addict...
  10. Wild Bill Kelso
    Wild Bill Kelso
    TWC is my second life!
  11. Fabolous
    I couldn't leave this place. I couldn't even try if I wanted to. It just wouldn't work. I needs it.

    This group makes me recall the TWCrack joke that became wildly overused.

    I could argue that I successfully quit (unintentionally) when I was engaged and only visited on rare occasions. But seeing how I now spend 10 hours a day here, it wasn't really a quit so much as a lull.
  12. Каие
    Hello. My name is Rome, and I am a totalwarhic
  13. Ulyaoth
    I've been telling myself I won't come back here since I first joined pretty much, almost 4.5 years ago now I believe. Lately I've been lying to myself that I'll quit the internet completely but I keep having to come back online, and figuring, might as well see what's going on.
  14. hull19
    I tried so hard to quit or at least be less on TWC. I changed and forgot my account. But even at that, i created an other. I then strarted to come very unregularly. But now, i just cant stop. I just cant stop seeing all this great stuff in TWC
  15. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Once I chatted with Sim about this topic. I said, hey Sim, this site is really addictive, how can you quit?
    He said: .38 magnum to the head.
  16. Legio
    Me too
  17. hull19
    wow, you friend is wise, PowerWizard!
  18. Calvin
    I'm pretty sure there's a time limit on my time here. My fiance already has a pretty passionate hatred of this place since I would keep checking it even when visiting her this christmas...probably a mistake on my part. If she 'requests' I stop coming after we're married, well...it'll be the end of one relationship! Not sure which
  19. Aldgarkalaughskel
    My fiance already has a pretty passionate hatred of this place
    The same here.
  20. Obi Wan Asterix
    Obi Wan Asterix
    TWC is my first life... as vicious and unrewarding and full of weird people as anyone's life could be.... ohh my name is Toni and I am a TWC junkie, my company pays my hundreds of hours that I have spent here
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