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  1. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Come and join.
    Let's discuss strategies and concrete games.
    Who's your favourite chess player and why?
    What is your preferred playing style?
    What is your preferred opening?
    What are your strentghs and weaknesses?

    Maybe we could organize tournaments for TWC members.
  2. Niles Crane
    Niles Crane
    I guess my preferred playing style is to (obviously) create a defensive wall around my king while organising sorties against my opponent to test his defences. As for my favourite opening, I like to shift the pawn diagonally opposite to my Queen forward.

    As you can tell, I'm not very good. When I was 10 years old, I participated in an interschools chess competition. We played once a week and all throughout that year, I lost two games and won all the others. It could just be that my opponents were terrible or that I was really good (by regional standards). After that year, I stopped playing for some reason. I occasionally go back to it every now and then, but I suppose my real weakness is in getting frustrated at not being able to win a game these days.
  3. Valus
    My games tend to be rather disorganised but usually I prefer a defensive opening and an all out offensive attack when the board is more cluttered..One of my favorite chess players is Emanuel Lasker (1868-1941) because of his almost psychological method of play, he often tried to make his opponent underestimate him by making moves that were generally regarded as "inferior" and then surprising them by ceasing the initiative. I am not a particulary good player though since I havent really studied openings etc which means that my games often lack a general strategy, I also have a tendence to react rather than "act" if you know what I mean..
  4. Aldgarkalaughskel
    My strategy

    Chess. In chess it all comes down to moving your figures in a wizard way in order to gain space, time and power to overwhelm your opponent, so that he won't see through your long-term strategy. I've been playing chess for years (and still play) before ending up at the TW games. My online name on chess sites is PowerWizard, hence my TWC account.
    Octy asked me to explain this post of mine, posted here.

    Well, one of the most significant aspects in chess for me is deception. By "wizard way" i meant a way to deceive your opponent, so that he can't see through your long-term strategy, which means you try to distract him with unusual, sometimes shocking moves. But in order to do this, you must build up a strong stance on the board; and every figure must be positioned on the best possible field in order to give scope to the best of its abilities.

    Space, time and power - these are the basic elements of chess. You can dominate the board and win only by gaining advantage in space, time and power.
    Space: control the center, attack on the wings.
    Time: keep the tempo. Don't make unnecessary moves, unless you want to fall behind. Don't move the same figure twice in a row (unless it's an endgame of course).
    Power: what i said above about the efficiency of the figures.
  5. Xavier Dragnesi
    Xavier Dragnesi
    Well I taught myself chess when I was 8, and since then I have played both on and off ever since, both competitively and for fun. I don't have a fixed strategy, but I prefer to play as black so I can better plan my moves due to the other player having to move before me. My major aim on the chessboard is usually to control as much of the board as possible, and preserve my two rooks, if not the queen.

    It would be nice to have a few games with you guys around here at TWC
  6. Legio
    My favorite opening is moving the pawns on the flanks and sniping with my bishops.
  7. Commander_Vimes
    Is there some place, we can like challenge each other as we please? Some online chess place, a decent one?
  8. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I'm working on this, Vimes.
  9. Aldgarkalaughskel
    Okay, anyone who wishes to play an online TWC chess tournament, register here, use your TWC account name if possible:

    It could be a round robin tournament:

    You can play a round robin tournament with almost any number of chess players, but it is usually best with a small number of players (6 or fewer). Within each group each player plays one (or two) games against each other player and the player with the most points at the end wins. If you have more players than that, try separating them further into smaller groups. You can have the winners of each round robin group play against each other in an exciting playoff! Check out the following example:
  10. Axeman
    I registered at , will we have a tournament someday?
  11. Kamos
    I'm up for a match just PM me for when you want to play(take note I'm not to good at chess.
  12. Zuwxiv
    Ah, knights. The best pieces in the game.
  13. Lord Willy
    Lord Willy
    ok I am register ...
  14. Kamos
    Alright then Willy lets fight, though I can't seem to remember any of my strategies so I'm probably scrwed.
  15. Lord Willy
    Lord Willy
    yeah and Good Luck Kamos32
  16. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    Woohoo! As nerdy as this may sound, chess rules! I love playing against my brother/father and on the web.
  17. Darth Ravenous
    Darth Ravenous
    Hey nerdy chess people I wanna play someone
  18. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer
    Go to, they have a great software for playing online.
  19. Darth Ravenous
    Darth Ravenous
    I play it but humans are much better.
  20. Nazgūl Killer
    Nazgūl Killer is a software for playing against humans online from all around the globe. O.o
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