1956 - The Hungarian Revolution - We Forgive, But Will Never Forget

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  1. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I created this social group to commemorate the 52nd anniversary of the revolution.
  2. Elzabar
    Interesting. Do you have parades or some such over in Hungary to commemorate this?

    Also, it should be the 52nd, not 52th
  3. Erwin Rommel
    Erwin Rommel
    ahh yes. SUch a momentous occasion, that was. The Allies could have gotten a goldne oppurtunity to make a strike at the Eastern Bloc starting with Hungary. But then again, too volatile.
  4. Aldgarkalaughskel
    @Elzabar: yes, we have, but I'd rather call it ceremonies. They are all over the place, I've been to one of them yesterday, too.

    @Erwin: unfortunately the Allies were occupied with Suez Crisis.
  5. Philos Sophos
    Philos Sophos
    The Aliies were wimps during that time,they were too afraid of the "Soviet military power"...

    It was a sad thing...
  6. Hunnis
    The Hungarian flag is out side my house
  7. Desperado
    I have joined. But I am sorry, I must disagree with one of the last sentences in the introducing paragraph:

    It showed the world that communism is not just an incoherent ideology, but also an evil, brutal way of oppressing political and civil freedom, and wrecking the lives of hundreds millions of people.
    It should somehow be rephrased not to say that Comunism is evil. The problem is that the leaders who usually have it as their goverment tend to be very authoritarian. It could read that this was a brutal attack on the Soviets behalf, or to say that dictatorships are evil.
  8. Aldgarkalaughskel
    I took out the word 'evil' from the text, as it is a moral judgement, however the oprression of the revolution was brutal, and that's a fact.
    Thank you for joining.
  9. Desperado
    Aye, I have no doubt of that. Even I, who knows very little on the cold war history e.t.c had heard of this before.

    But there are good communists and bad communists, just like there are good capitalists and bad capitalists.
  10. Agisilaos
    hi guys.
  11. Philos Sophos
    Philos Sophos
    There were good commies?...

    Didn't know that...are the good commies those who follow Stalin to the death?

    It's like saying there are good friends and bad friends...you just can't have bad friends...
  12. HorseArcher
    here is a good video for you guys:

    and here is another (American) newsreel about this:

    ..By the way, I just let you know guys..my grandfather was a freedom fighter died in Budapest in 1956, we don't know how, we just know he was captured and tortured. My grandma fled Hungary through Austria and eventually to USA, that's why I'm in the USA right now.
  13. Panzerbear
    yay mob rule and civil war!
  14. Shi Huangdi
    Thank you for the invitation! We should never forget people like these who stood up against tyranny.
  15. Philos Sophos
    Philos Sophos
    yay mob rule and civil war!
  16. Aldgarkalaughskel
    If you could come here, and show your support against a hoard of nationalists, who try to ruin our commemoration, I'd be grateful:
  17. Babagitta
    I have to say that I'm totally against any kind of tyrrany! Unfortunately, tyrrany exists in our days too, if you can see behind the masks. Using force is not an example of civilization! Those days belong to the past.
    I'm happy to see people and nations rising up again, united and stronger than ever.
    But, in a case like that, I can't forget and I do not forgive.
  18. danzig
    Fraid I dont have it in me to deal with the moronic nationalist on twc anymore...its like banging your head against a wall. Just ignore Total Fanatic and his type in the thread.
  19. Odovacar
    It's a shame they became more and more aggressive and stupid by ever day...
  20. Flavius Merobaudes
    Flavius Merobaudes
    Any uprising against oppression deserves to be remembered. Espacially against Soviet imperialism as it is played down and trivialized today. We must never forget...
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