Polyphony & Chant

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  1. Armatus

    In music, polyphony is a texture consisting of two or more independent melodic voices, as opposed to music with just one voice (monophony) or music with one dominant melodic voice accompanied by chords (homophony).



    Chant (from Old French chanter[1]) is the rhythmic speaking or singing of words or sounds, often primarily on one or two pitches called reciting tones. Chants may range from a simple melody involving a limited set of notes to highly complex musical structures, often including a great deal of repetition of musical subphrases, such as Great Responsories and Offertories of Gregorian chant.
  2. Armatus
    I would hope to hear from others out there on TWC who are interested in this archaic form of music and would be interested in sharing thoughts on various artists, musical groups or monasteries. So I'll go first with my most recent purchase to my library:

    sequentia: Shining Light--Music from the Aquitanian Monasteries (12th Century)

    All I can really say about this is extremely vivid and upbeat compared to other works. There is no droning that is sometimes typical just lucidity at every bend of melody.

    Two of my choice picks for this album include:

    3. Ora pro nobis, beate Nicolae Sequentia;Eric Mentzel;Barbara Thornton;Benjamin Bagby

    7. Divinum stillant Pamela Dellal;Ellen Hargis;Sequentia;Barbara Thornton;Benjamin Bagby

    11. Congaudet hodie Sequentia Men's Ensemble;Barbara Thornton;Benjamin Bagby;Elizabeth Gaver
  3. Nikron
    U have to listen albanian old polyphonic songs. They are amazing. Im from Himara, now a small town in Albania, which is the best for polyphonic songs. I can also sing those songs, even if im not a professional yet. Are u interested in these kind of music too? Our polyphonic songs are very very old. Imagine, when Philip II of Macedon attacked my region Kaonia, was written by contemporan writers that these people sing songs with many voices. Also i like old songs of churchs as u said... cheers
  4. Armatus
    Now then, I'm really not sure what it is about female polyphony but there is something to it that is just totally relaxing. Now I understand not everyone wants to be put to sleep by their music, but this cd is just what you need if you are looking for something to unwind to after a hard days work or having trouble dosing off. I wouldn't recommend this one for parties, but rather it's soothing qualities. The vocals are heavenly and pure, like a light breeze blown across the soft green grass...

    The Lily and the Lamb: Chant and Polyphony from Medieval England

    Tracks of note:

    16. Conductus: Ave Maria salus hominum

    4. Conductus: O Maria stella maris

    6. Sequence: Stillat in stellum radium

    Here's another one from my library called:

    Polyphonie Aquitaine of the 12th Century
    Josep Cabre (Performer), Philippe Balloy (Performer), Anonymous (Composer), Aquitanian Repertory Anonymous (Composer), Gerard Lesne (Performer), Ensemble Organum (Performer), Marcel Pérès (Performer), Dominique Vellard (Performer), Josep Benet (Performer)

    Tracks of note are:

    4. Extraits Des Matines De Noel: Versus: O Primus Homo Coruit - Gerard Lesne/Josep Benet

    5. Extraits Des Matines De Noel: Jube Domine, Puis Lecture: Primo Tempore - Josep Benet/Josep Cabre

    9. Extraits Des Matines De Noel: Versus: Veni Solis Radius - Dominique Vellard/Josep Benet

    Here is a CD with a mix of artists that contains some very beautiful female polyphony and early music:

    Sacred Women: Women as Composers and Performers of Medieval Chant

    Favorites on this one are probably:

    #7 Augustus

    #5 Benedicamus virgini matri

    #1 Alyawm
  5. Armatus
    @Nikron yes I remember your post. I am collecting some of my posts here in this group to share. Feel free to add your music too.
  6. Nikron
    this is an iso-polyphonic sad song for the city of Janina when was anexed by greeks with the help of the Great Powers. Still it is a greek city and we still cry for it.
  7. Armatus
    I have a feeling that this oral tradition you speak of goes way back.
  8. Nikron
    what do u mean with that?
  9. Armatus
    I mean that the style of those singers must go way back.
  10. Sidus Preclarum
    Sidus Preclarum
    yay \o/ my # of favourited albums in deezer is nearing 300. Only early music. http://www.deezer.com/#music/album/41476
    including everything sequentia.
    or this : http://www.deezer.com/#music/album/164222

    Sadly, no Harmonia Mundi on Deezer.
    But part of the Stradivarius catalogue :
    or http://www.deezer.com/#music/album/41491
    And Alia Vox stuff:

    Huelgas Ensemble:
    most of my stuff is baroque though...
  11. Armatus
    Great Sidus! I have been looking for new stuff
  12. Armatus
    Something I encountered online that is definitely on my list to purchase:

    Notable tracks:

    Repleti Sunt Omnes

    Dum conplerentur

    Et valde mane

    Leoninus (1135 - 1201) or Magister Leoninus was a Parisian credited with writing both poetry and music. Works include Magnus Liber organi de gradali et antiphonario pro servitio divino or Magnus liber organi (The Great Book of Organum). He is less known for his achievements of creating hexametric verse of the eight books of the Old Testament. Leoninus entered the priesthood in 1192 and lived and worked at the Notre Dame Cathedral
  13. Armatus
    Guillaume de Machaut - Messe de Notre Dame
  14. Armatus
    Here's another chant I really enjoy:

    Communiones: Psalm 33, "Gustate et videte"


  15. Sidus Preclarum
    Sidus Preclarum
    Found new stuff on deezer, including some The Clerks' Group albums:
  16. Armatus
    thanks I'll check it out.
  17. Armatus

    A Feather on the Breath of God (performed by: Doreen Muskett )
    Composed by Hildegard von Bingen
  18. Armatus
  19. Armatus

    Impermanence by Meredith Monk

    Tracks of note:

    Passage 1:59

    Mieke's Melody 5:15
  20. Armatus
    any new items anyone?
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