Which modern weapon is your favourite?

  1. Arch-hereticK
    I like them all:
    Sabre is fast and fun, but really hard on the legs and the new timings have screwed me out of a few medals.

    Epee is slow and sudden, luck is a major factor. I've beaten many superior fencers in epee and been beaten in turn by inferior ones.

    Foil is my favourite because of the strategy involved, and because I consider it to be a hybrid of the other two weapons to make a perfect sport.
  2. Taxandrius
    I started on foil and I loved the speed and tactics. I went to epée around 2 years ago, and I immediatly felt that there was a glitch: is basicly a mêlee with superior weapons. I don't practise sabre, so I don't have a clear eye on that, but I'm confident that the best of three is foil.
  3. Mythre

    Best of them all. Slow enough, yet has speed. Methodical, yet quick.

    Sabre is for jousters.

    Epee is waaaay too slow and easy. I beat my coach the second time I ever picked up an Epee.
  4. Arch-hereticK
    Sabre gets a bit of a bad rep it seems, I think it's the most fun, I just don't have the stamina to enjoy it to the extent I enjoy foil.

    There's no greater feeling than slashing someone really hard in the face.
  5. Monarchist
    Small Sword, anyone?
  6. Gecko 1123
    Gecko 1123
    I enjoy foil as it is fast-paced, yet you also have the time to think strategically.
  7. Arch-hereticK
    So we're all foilists (pretty much).

    It's said in foil a good fencer can only do 3 parrys well, I think that's true.
    Mine are quarte, counter-sixte and prime. What are you guys' parries?
  8. Gecko 1123
    Gecko 1123
    Quarte, contre-sixte, and septime.
  9. Arch-hereticK
    Are you left-handed Gecko?
  10. Himster
    I'm a foil man myself.
    Although, there isn't anything quite like sabre to get the blood going.
  11. Iskar
    Did foil fencing when I was younger, but it is the quite un-modern longsword that I favour these days.
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