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The Wise Coffin

Farewell TWC

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I'm making this post just to say that i will no longer be doing any of my duties here on TWC. I have to move to greener pastures, and unfortunately i am unable to continue on doing stuff for the TWC youtube channel. I will, tough, continue working on Rise of Persia from time to time, but the rest i will relinquish of such duties.


  1. Commissar Caligula_'s Avatar
    Fare thee well Wise Coffin. Good luck with all of your future endeavors.
  2. Sir Adrian's Avatar
    I really enejoyed your videos. Best of luck and catch you on the yutubes.
  3. ♔atthias♔'s Avatar
    so you are not coming back for ever or is this temporarily? either way good luck best wishes and the Lord bless you
  4. NorseThing's Avatar
    Your Shogun II video series is probably a peek at the future of a good format for After Action Reports. I am sad to know this is the end of that series. Best of luck to you in all endeavors.
  5. Aneirin's Avatar
    That's a pity.. :(
  6. Frunk's Avatar
    Sorry to see you go TWC. Hope all is well with you.
  7. Geronimo2006's Avatar
    Farewell and best wishes