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My "Retirement"

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Enough people have asked so....Let's try to keep this as un-dramatic as possible.

To make a long story really short...Recent developments in my life has made it really difficult to continue being a staffer. I was recently hired in a teaching job (hooray!) but coming into it halfway in the year has given me a great deal of anxiety, which has led to some health issues popping up. I was already suffering some issues in the month prior to being hired (and I "felt" they were coming too) so it was only exacerbated. I'm also incredibly busy now as well.

But also I have been feeling for months that my heart just isn't in TWC staff work any more. It's been nearly six years (with only a brief break) and I have done pretty much everything I have wanted to do. Within that time I have been a Librarian, Moderator, Wiki staffer (Tango's favorite, if I recall correctly ), Content writer, and Content director for News (FB), Pictures and Videos (and Review of the Month), Gamer's Gazette, and a brief stint in Helios. I even somehow managed to reach being an administrator for Content and later Moderation (during which I dropped my duties as director and worked under the amazing Mhaedros and Alwyn), which is something I never expected nor truly desired. I hope I did the role as both Content and Moderation Hex adequately enough though. In those roles I have written nearly 80 reviews (only about 50 of which I like), managed a year's worth of competitions, and made sure to defend the site against dozens of rule breakers. I have done a lot, and I think it is enough.

Am I ruling out a return in the future? Of course not. But for now, I think rest is in order. The site is in very capable hands.
But on the bright side...I still have a few reviews in various stages of development that I am not going to abandon, and I also have a one final Game of the Year competition to help run with Mhaedros. So you will still be seeing me around for sure for a while.

Cheers, guys. And let's all have a good week.


  1. ♔atthias♔'s Avatar
    good luck in real life chris and thanks for the work and the update
  2. Lifthrasir's Avatar
    As already said, wish you all the best in RL.
    Regarding your TWC retirement, I'm sure that it's temporary. Your contributions show that you've got the virus Mate, and soon or later you'll come back :tongue2:
  3. Commissar Caligula_'s Avatar
    Good luck with everything Chris, and thanks for all the [COLOR="#FF0000"][s]fish[/s][/COLOR] help with learning the ropes of the various parts of Content and how not to be a noob.
    Get well Batman, [COLOR="#FF0000"][s]Gotham City[/s][/COLOR] TWC is awaiting your return. Feel free to contact me on Steam if you want utterly useless advice, some proof reading or to talk.
  4. PikeStance's Avatar
    Life is about striking a good balance. The first few years of teaching are tough.

    Thanks for your service and Good Luck.... and never be a stranger, "Brother!"

  5. Sir Adrian's Avatar
    Best of luck bats. The only thing I regret is that I joined the script just as you were leaving
  6. Swiss Halberdier's Avatar
    My best wishes to you Gen. Chris and thanks a lot for all your work on TWC! :thumbsup2