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Anarchy in the workplace

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So yesterday i was told to come in nearly before my shift started for my yearly performance review, to sign some paperwork for a promotion and to discuss some future changes happening to the store.
Normally this is done by the Area Manager, but as the new Area Manager was my former employer who i left with bad terms, they sent the regional manager down instead.
All is rather mundane and just basic company procedures, until he went on to customer complaints and "incidents".

For those who don't know, i work in a petrol station. The list below is only some of the incidents and complaints put forward.

-Refused Area Manager access to staff only area part of store due to him not having his company I.D, had met and spoken with him the day before.
-Refused age restricted goods to a 35 year old woman because she didn't have I.D, after complaint issued, reasoning was that she did it every time to you down the pub. (She's the Landlord)
-Brought in dog that was running around forecourt, took it behind the till and fed it cocktail sausages until owner came looking for it.
-Claimed "work expenses" on a water gun worth 2 during a training course.
-Re arranging newspapers so left-wing papers where easier to pick and right-wing papers more difficult. (Watching old rich people getting on all fours while wearing their dressings gowns to pick up their paper is rather funny after a 12 hour shift in my defense)
-During night shift breaks, driving motorbike around forecourt. (2 occasions)
-Sneezed on a customer
-Throwing scissors at colleagues. (All the staff do this, not just me :P)
-When Area Manager arrived on forecourt, used forecourt Tannoy to hum "Darth Vader Tune" while he walked towards store.
-On refusal log (We have to write down all refusals of sale), description of customer was "looked like an over grown gnome".
-When customer requested to speak to manager, went out of sight and then came back wearing a hat and using a different voice impersonating manager.
-When customer wished to issue a complaint, you provided colleagues name rather than your own (Customer didn't pick this up, considering i'm English and the name i provided was a full blown out Sri Lankan one)
-When customer was making complaint, proceeded to blowing raspberries at her.
-Wore Santa hat two weeks prior to the Christmas holidays, and two weeks after.
-Payed a "Drive-off" (When someone buggers off before paying for fuel) out of own pocket because "Couldn't be bothered with the paperwork"
-Used Costa Machine screen as a T.V so you could watch the Six Nations.

All added up does look kinda bad, but in a whole year, i think it's rather sufficient. Still getting the promotion and not even a slap on the wrist for the above. I requested he send me the full list by email, i'm pretty sure i've missed a few.

Hopefully this year i'll be more behaved.
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    ROFLMAO I could never get away with this crap where I work, OSHA would be all over us.