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Half a year down, half to go...

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Back in August I began my career as a teacher. First year teacher at a rough school with brand new admins...what could go wrong?

So far my main issue is most certainly classroom management. While I have managed to bring most of the classes to acceptable (but needs improvement) levels, there are still two classes who are my greatest challenges. One of them involves students that don't like to do work so will do everything in their power to avoid it, while the other simply outright refuses to let me teach. All efforts from me have failed, and they refuse to listen to me. My mentor is at a loss, and the admins have agreed that much of the problems are simply beyond my current level to handle. They are looking into fixing it in the upcoming quarter.

Other than that, it has certainly been an interesting experience. The 7th graders (12-13 year olds for those non-US based members) are really into my classes and seem to enjoy history. On the other hand...when your choices are history, math, English, Science, etc...I'm not surprised that history is a bit more liked.

I'm still not sure how I feel about this as a profession at this point, though. It has been my dream for years and the first two quarters have been more stressful than anything else I have done. I'm not giving up, though, and I hope I improve enough in the next three months to be considered for another year at this school.


  1. Flinn's Avatar
    That sucks, really. It is evident from your words that you love to be a teacher, so, whatever it might be in the future, don't give up. I'm thinking that those two classes have a problem that goes beyond your responsibilities, so IMO the important is that you have done your best for them and that you are convinced that all that you could give was given. That said, no one is good to solve all the problems, so if you can't help them out, focus yourself on those who seem to be following you better; this way you can show to the admins what you are worth .