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Someone is following me

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I have given up social media recently and am trying to make friends outside Facebook while applying the same principles. Every day I walk down the street and tell passersby what I have eaten, how I feel, what I did the night before and what I will do tomorrow. Then I give them pictures of my family, my dog and my gardening. I also listen to their conversations and tell them I love them.

And it works!

I already have three people following me - two police officers and a psychiatrist.
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  1. Junaidi83 de Bodemloze's Avatar
    Gyahahahahhaha, the best joke i heard today :D
  2. alQamar's Avatar
    I knew this one already but it is great nevertheless. Now add the fact of spending 60's "I like" buttons to foreign people and taking pictures of yourself all the day. How weird this world has become.
  3. SharpEyed's Avatar
    i know right..
  4. Finlander's Avatar
    That's a great start Gig. I once met a guy with 12 followers, though one unfriended him after a while and he got in trouble with local authorities, so they say. Haven't heard of him for a while now, but his thoughts went viral and now have a billion likes worldwide. My bet is that he is making a second coming here soon once he has doubled the number of current followers. Its going to be a show for sure. Anyhow, keep it up!
  5. Druvatar De Bodemloze's Avatar
    LoL I just knew u could it but make sure u tell those cops "show me your "strat models" first!" & tell the psychiatrist " I do not think u can convert my text. bins! "LoL HaHa
  6. PikeStance's Avatar
    Sounds like your typical Cajun to me!
  7. Lugotorix's Avatar
    Ahaha. Reminds me of the quote 'Being well adjusted in a profoundly sick society is no measure of health.'