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Assessments, employment, and the like.

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So last week I finished the last of my TPA's (teacher performance assessments). I had four of these evil, evil "necessities" scattered throughout my credential program, but due to some circumstances I had to do all four in this semester. Since January, I have written ~52,000 words for these things, and for all of them you have to pass or you have to pay about 200 bucks to take them again and it can seriously hamper your ability to get a credential in a timely manner...well, I passed all three heading into the final one, and on Friday I received word that I passed the fourth and final assessment. Finally.

A great evil has been defeated.

Additionally, on the 28th of April I went (reluctantly) to a local job fair. I didn't expect anything out of it but I had an informal interview and I dropped a few names and the next day I got a phonecall saying they wanted me. The catch? They had to do an in-house posting within the district first. But if no one wanted the job then it would go to me. The past 18 months or so have been the worst of my life, and I unwisely got my hopes up for this as a form of a light at the end of the tunnel. After over a week of waiting, I kind of assumed that someone took it and the district decided to just not tell me. I've had four interviews so far besides this one, so why should I get my hopes up? But today I got a phone call offering me employment...So I can officially say that, barring any extraordinary circumstances where I manage to up, I shall finally be employed. I will be teaching 7th and 8th grade history, and likely coaching track and cross country.

It's been a long road, so hopefully nothing bad happens to undermine this. I look forward to finishing this and beginning the career I have wanted for fifteen years.


  1. pacifism's Avatar
    Dude... that's awesome. Congrats on passing and getting a job!
  2. Flinn's Avatar
    Congrats indeed Chris, in anything it is surely well deserved
  3. PikeStance's Avatar
    Welcome to the teaching profession. It has been awhile, but I do not remember "writing" anything except for a reflective paper on my internship. The only test I took was something called a Core Battery.
    For grade 7 and 8 the most important thing is skills! Quality feedback is more important than the "grade" and the most important thing you can do is to connect with your students. Be friendly, engaging, but never naive. If you see a teacher do something you li,e, shamefully and unrepentant-ly steal it. Again congrats and my door is always open if you have any questions.
  4. Sir Adrian's Avatar
    I'm very happy for you my friend. If teacher assessments are as much of a pain over there as they are here I feel for you deeply. Either way I wish you luck, as you will be literally molding the future, and welcome to the profession.

    Ad astera per aspera as they used to say.
    Updated May 23, 2016 at 11:43 AM by Sir Adrian
  5. Shankbot de Bodemloze's Avatar
    Congrats man, best of luck! :D