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The PikeStance Experience

The PikeStance Experience

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I will like to share my thoughts and experiences. As a basis of who I am as a person and to give you insight into how became the person I am today, I will present a series called THEN AND NOW. I will continue to post in my blog in the forum and copy and paste them here. If I am honored by being chosen as one of the bloggers for the front page, then I will then post exclusively here. Until then, please enjoy my blog. My blog on forum

I am currently sharing my past experiences. It is divided up into several parts
The focus is an explanation on who I am today and the events in that my life that has guided me to who I am today
Part I: Lost and Found: It briefly chronicles my days when I made bad choices to finally making the right choices
Part II: Life As a Mustang: I recall events in my life where I had the freedom to live carefree much to my own detriment. However, it formed the basis for who I am today
Part III: The Pain and Loss of Sacrifice: I share my feelings on my past relationships and share what I have learned.
Part IV: Jetsetter: A three part I will share experiences in three countries.
Africa: I will share my thoughts and experiences from the Peace Corps to my teaching tenure in the so- called "Dark Continent"
Dubai/ Middle East: I will share my thoughts and experience teaching in this contentious region of the world and give my insight on current events
China: I realized that I have spent more time in China than any other country I have lived in. I will share my thoughts from four years of living working in China
Part V: The Unchained Mind: The process and evolution of my understanding
Part VI: All in the Family: The good, the bad and the ugly of family and thoughts on keeping your sanity
Part VII: Lagniappe: A little something extra, things I didn't say, but would love to share that was not covered in other parts

In the meantime, whenever a new experience "pop up" I will share. Please feel free to give me feedback or share your thoughts and perhaps share something about yourself and your experiences.

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  1. PikeStance's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aikanár
    You're mostly French with some German and Irish.
    I'm mostly German with some French and an affection for Ireland.

    Stating the obvious, we're the opposite of each other.

    Also, great blog you got here
    Well, to be honest our family history is incomplete.
    We have my fathers side of the family trace back to the old country.
    On my mother side, we have only one side back to France. We do know anything about the "Lane" family. I have read the name is English or Irish. I also do not know when they arrived in the US. The longer the time, the more likely it will e mixed. Most people say I looked more German than French. I also take my looks from my Great grandmother who is the one with the most German in her (Alsace/ Lorraine region). Most Chinese think I am German, but that's an easy guess given that 80%+ of the expats here are German.

    ---Thanks for the compliment. I am surprise myself how much I enjoy writing them.