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GW's Monthly Competitions Results & News - February 2016

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Good day TWC fellows!!!

It took me a while to set the next GW competition, the #223. First, I've been busy on some other stuff. Second, I wasn't sure what theme to choose for that one. What means February for most of the people? Winter sports? Well it's also summer time in the South emisphere. Valentine day? Too commercial from my point a view (but that's just my own :tongue:).
After a while, I realized that it was also the carnival season, not only in my place, Dunkirk, where it's an old tradition (officially for 340 years but probably a bit older than that) but also in many other places: Rio, Venice, New Orleans, Quebec, Trinidad, Cologne, Nice, Binche or Santa Cruz (Canary Islands), to only mention these as the list would be too long.

So the theme of the the GW competition #223 is Carnival (btw, say hello to Miss GC February 2016 ;))
Why carnival as theme? Honestly, I don't know :laughter:
May be because it represents generosity, warm atmosphere, conviviality :grouphug:...
... and party:party:

So let's bring a bit of crazyness here. I look forward for your submissions in here !!!

Some other news: GW Monthly Competition # 222 - Winners!!!!

The GW Monthly Competition #222 is now closed and Joar is the winner with the following submission:

Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

Joar earned 15 rep points.
The 2nd place is shared by Paleologos and myself. We earned 10 rep points.
The 3 rd place is for Araval. Araval earned 5 rep points.

Congratulations to all competitors and many thanks for those who voted for their work.

That's all for now Folks. Many thanks for your attention ;)

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  1. Lifthrasir's Avatar
    The GW Monthly Competition #223 is now closed for submissions. The Poll is up.