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Forum based games on TWC? An Introduction...

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Yeah, I am sure you're probably confused by the above title, so a little explanation is due. I mean this would not be a place where you'd expect something like this to be. But surprisingly, there is a forum based role-playing games section right here, on TWC. But what is this forum-based or play-by-post role-playing?

It is similar to playing a video game of the role-playing or adventure genre, but on a forum. And yes, I assure you that it is a fairly known genre in itself. As wikipedia puts it here, it is a game that you play on a forum. Instead of designing a character from a menu, you design one by your descriptions. Instead of the NPC/online players, you have other members with whom you play. And the entire game is played out using posts. Entire adventures, character interactions, everything in posts. Sounds bit boring or silly, right?

That's what I initially thought too. But the first game I played turned out to be quite fun. It also turned out to be a good practice for writing too. And to top it off, it was a fun shared by multiple members and not at all time zone restricted. This is different from the video games where you and other players need to be online at the same time. This was a not a video game, nowhere near it. After all, there are no cool graphics or music involved. But it is a community game where you have fun with other members of the forum.

And if you're wondering where this place could be, it is right in front of you. Among the vast sections on the main page, lies this section relatively hidden. And if you are also wondering what a game would be like, you can check out any of the proposal threads. There are couple of them in making right now, just as we speak:

Swords of the Deccan (a game set in Medieval India)
The Italian Renaissance (self-explanatory; set in Renaissance Italy)
Warhammer (needs no explanation at all)

I hope you enjoyed the first blog on Gaming on the Forums. I'll try to bring out the next blog as soon as possible, when I am able to get a respite from other commitments on my spare time.

Have a great day!

Updated January 16, 2016 at 01:38 AM by m_1512

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  1. Genius of the Restoration's Avatar
    Nice explanation :thumbsup2

    Sounds like a very imaginative community. How many would be at home with D&D?
  2. Stildawn's Avatar
    I'm running a D&D like game at the moment, link here:

  3. m_1512's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Genius of the Restoration;bt296]Nice explanation :thumbsup2

    Sounds like a very imaginative community. How many would be at home with D&D?[/QUOTE]Quite some of them as there are a few members who insist on having political discussions there.:D