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Mhae's Causerie

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Busses are strange things (whimsical first sentence to get the readers interests peaked; check).

It seems to me that every time I get onto a bus the gods throw a coin on whether to make me fall in love with someone, very briefly, but still. It only takes a glance that, in my imagination, lasts a little too long, or someone sitting down next to me, even though there are free seats, though to be honest many of them are next to people I wouldn't like to be sitting next to either. Glance-girl sat down in the row in front of me, leaning her head on the window. Occasionally she'd throw a glance backwards, seeing naught of my peaked interest as I was passionately examining some passing trees. Then she'd turn around again, and I notice her hat. Can't remember what I noticed about it unfortunately, it was just noticable I guess.

Today when I got on the bus a girl who, again in my imagination, looked like she was straight from the 70's sat down next to me. It's probably just that she reminded me of Lou's wife from season 2 of Fargo, and I was listening to an Arctic Monkeys song in which a girl "who looks like she's straight from the 70's" was mentioned, but it still made an impression on me. We sat next to each other for some 20 minutes, listening to our own music, and then I got up and she disappeared back into the ether that is stuff that's not in my immediate surroundings.

It was as brief as a summer, but I can still remember them both as if it were yesterday (the latter was today). Even if I can't remember what was noticable about the hat. Busses are strange things (ending on the same sentence as I started with, artsy as )