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Competition and Commentary

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How are you doing TWC?

Just a few small competition stuff today.

MAARC LXI and MCWC XII are currently in the voting phase. While MCWC XII still has 7 days left for you to vote, there are only 3 more days left on one of the biggest MAARCs we have ever had, with an astounding 10 submissions to vote for. VOTE NOW!

Meanwhile, MAARC LXII and MCWC XIII have just been opened for submissions from the month of November. If, in the month of November, you have written an AAR with two updates or a creative writing piece with two updates or a short story over 1000 words, you are eligible to submit.

Also, TotW 246 - Back to the Future, is waiting for submissions. The Tale of the Week is a great way to improve your writing and with a maximum word count of 500 words you can write it anywhere and in no time be it on the bus, waiting in a traffic jam, procrastinating studying, before bed, in a park, over a cup of coffee or even on the toilet. So what are you waiting for? GET WRITING!

While only Content Staff can comment on blogs, for the rest of the TWC, the newly opened Writers’ Study Blog Commentary Thread is where you can post your hate, your admiration or your feedback. Please spare some time to comment about any of these things.

With that done, back to the Writers’ Study I go.