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What games would you like to see remakes of?

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Original Thread:

  • Sacrifice: simply put the most unique game I've ever played. A 3d-person, action, RTS with magic (suicide-bomber-cow spell included), the souls of your fallen enemies as a resource, whimsical gods to serve and betray and a wonderfully weird artistic design, not to mention the best soundtrack I can think of. We shall not see its like again.

  • Ground Control: a deeply tactical, unforgiving, slow-paced rts with no base-building (you brought your troops down from outer space in a dropship), way ahead of its time and with the coolest artillery unit ever seen in a videogame. And bombers which flew in circles rather than just hovering still in the air as in most other RTS up to this day (TW:Warhammer included). Spiritual step-father of the also great World in Conflict.

  • Warcraft 3: probably the most influential (yet underrated?) RTS ever made. How so? Well, let's just say it was the building base for what essentially are the two biggest games/genres up to this date, World of Warcraft and the whole MOBA thing (Dota2/LoL), but also an amazing game on its own right. It had a great story, a very defined and inviting atmosphere that has endured in both WoW and Hearthstone, graphics and gameplay that remain enjoyable 13 years after its release and an interesting blend of RTS and RPG elements (it has to be good when someone like me who hates frantic micro-management games as Warcraft was loved and still loves it). Also, exploding sheeps.

  • Eve Online: love the concept. I'd just want someone to make it actually fun to play. Right now it's just Excel with a really pretty screensaver in the background. Mix it with the ship-management of Faster than Light, add the whole Dust 514 FPS idea as a seamless transition from space to planet's surface as in No Man's Sky, with all the flashy details that make the player feel like Han Solo inside his ship as in Star Citizen, and essentially just create the next big MMO(RPG-FPS-RTS-Space flight simulator) and the largest, most ambitious and massive game in history, staying away from the cartoony, casual, all-audiences approach Blizzard tryed with Project Titan/Overwatch. In other words... make Star Wars playable. Also make it free-to-play and smell like freshly baked chocolate cookies. Seems doable.

  • Battlefield 2142: I was never a big fan of the game itself back in the day (spent a lot more time with BF2 and its amazing mods) and it has aged poorly, but it had one of the most original, fun and immersive game-modes I have played in a shooter: Titan. Just imagine your usual Advance-and-Secure Battlefield game but with huge, pilotable, enterable battlecruisers, hovering around the map bombing everything, whose shields you need to take down in order to assault it and blow it up from the inside to win the game. I also miss toying around with mechs, hovercrafts, drones and the like, always as a squad-based, tactical shooter. You know what, just make this a minigame in the tiny World of Eve:Online I described above.

  • Rise of Nations: this is what happens when you put together two of my two favourite franchises of all times: Age of Empires and Civilization (and add a few drops of the old Empire Earth). It's my long time wet dream that someone throws in the mix another of my "fetish" strategy franchises, Total War, gives the whole thing tactical, slow paced twist and makes what I'd probably consider the definitive RTS. Cossacks 2 would fit here like a glove as well.

  • Black&White 2: a very original and unique game (I don't think you can make an evil giant cow lead your host of romans while throwing fireballs around anywhere else) and one of the last big games of Peter Molyneux. It's another franchise that I have also imagined mixed with Total War (the second game had its similarities), to give it scale, seriousness and tactical depth. If the game above was ever made, I'd love them to keep this one in mind for the "Rise of Legends" follow up.

  • Dungeon Keeper 2: a game in which you torture, starve and enslave high-elves and literally slap your own minions to make them work faster. Do I need to add anything else?

  • Monkey Island: In glorious 2D.

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  1. IlluminatiRex's Avatar
    I thought we already have the remastered editions of the first two Monkey Island games though? :P
  2. Sir Adrian's Avatar
    I agree with all of these titles.