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MAARC LX Winners, Gold Medals and ToTW

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Hey TWC,

Merchant here again. So I never did post another blog post for that third day (many in the WS know I’m kind of lazy) but here is the amazing, spectacular, engrossing third instalment of the Writer’s Study Blog.

Alwyn, our commander-in-chief, took out first spot with his intriguing new tale set in Haiti. With rebellion brewing on this rich French colonial outpost and family feuds not helping the situation, Alwyn is at his usual brilliant self again. Second place went to newer writer waveman and his M2TW AAR, The Tin Isles. The sun falls on the Western Roman Empire and with Imperial authority quickly receding from the British isles, chaos rules the land as tribes fight for supremacy. Also author of For Honor or for Glory, a S2TW AAR, waveman is making waves (I’ll be here all night thank you) in the Writer’ Study. Third goes to an unknown writer, very new, by the name I think of Lugotorix. Yeah, really new guy, it’s not like he’s got a gold medal or anything…Ok enough with my stupid act, Lugotorix continues his success in the MAARC with another podium finish, this time with his Attila AAR Trapstila Vandalarius: The Rise of the Romano-Gothic Empire. The best Attila AAR you can find, Lugotorix follows the Ostrogoths as they try to survive and achieve victory in the cruel and lawless world of Attila Total War. The complete winners thread can be found here. Now what was that about a gold medal….

Ahh yes, Lugotorix, with that last third place position has vaulted himself into the rare Gold Medal club. Needing over 25 Writer’s Study Points (accumulated through MAARC and MCWC victories), the Gold Medal club is home to some of the top writer’s the Study has ever seen and Lugotorix is now a part of them, well earned and deserved may I add. To earn a gold medal is a real justification of one’s writing abilities and is not an easy task. But Lugotorix through his many wonderful Rome 2 and Attila AARs as achieved the required points and all the fame that comes with it. The WS blog will be doing a special blog post on his collection of AARs but in the meantime, a celebratory thread can be found here, so go congratulate him on this wonderful achievement.

I am also proud to announce that the WS blog will be the home of all your ToTW news, be it new ToTWs, new vote threads or announcements of winners, the WS blog will be posting all about it in addition to our coverage of the MAARC and MCWC.

MAARC LXI is open to submissions. Do you think you have what it takes? Are you ready to fight your way to literary victory? The MAARC is your competition then. This months MAARC with submissions open to AARs with two update combined over the period of September-October can be found here.
MCWC XII is getting a bit desperate. With only one submission and after over two months of being open, it is feeling a bit sad and rejected.
While the competition was opened in August any story with 2 updates of 500 words in the August-October timeframe or similarly any short story over 1000 words is eligible and encouraged to submit their work. Go make the day of a MCWC and submit your CW piece to it now. Lonely MCWC XII can be found sobbing here.
TotW 245- Love’s Eturnal Flame still needs one more submission. Who will be the brave warrior that this ToTW needs? Accept the challenge, take up your quill and submit your story here.
TotW 244- Where is the ring is now up for vote. Three tales were submitted but only one tale can win. One tale to win them all and in darkness bind them. Check them out and place your vote here.


  1. Flinn's Avatar
    So proud of my son Lugo, a gold medal is indeed a big achievement