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The United Crowns of the Critic's Quill and the Writer's Study

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Wassup TWC!

“Woah another blog post” I here you say. Yep your eyes do not deceive. With all the wonder of two posts in two days dealt with lets get to the matter at hand.

The Wrtier’s Study and the Critic’s Quill have both recently gone through some pretty big changes. Firstly, Hitai de Bodemloze resigned from the post of editor of the Quill. He is currently a Content Emeritus at the Quill as currently I believe real life commitments have drawn him away. Hitai oversaw the Quill move into a new age with the creation of the CMS articles and he undertook the job of pretty much completely reworking how the Quill functions both internally and externally. Alwyn, who most AARtists and WS people will know as a very talented writer, has accepted the position and is now Editor of the Quill. But wait, more sad news! Scottish King has also resigned as head of the Writer’s Study staff but will still be staying on and can be still seen running the MAARC and MCWC. Scottish King has been in the position for a very long time, overseeing many changes to the Writer's Study and planning many new ones for the future. Under him, the WS has definitely flourished.

With that out of the way, some good news. Hex has recently approved the merger of the Critic’s Quill and the Writer’s Study into one department. Not much will change externally it is more of a departmental merger, with Critic’s Quill staff also taking on Writer’s Study staff duties and the two departments being headed by one Supreme Overlord Content Director. Alwyn has taken the job as this singular head of both the Writer’s Study and Critic’s Quill and will surely do a great job of it even if my many hours of CK2 and EU4 have taught me that inheriting two kingdoms is likely the result of some scheming and assassinating. Anyway below is a draft copy of the royal decree signalling the merger.

Let it be known that from henceforth, the Kingdom of the Writer’s Study and the Kingdom of the Critic’s Quill will merge into one glorious union under his majesty, Alwyn 1 of House Alwyn, First of his Name, Lord Protector of the Sacred Quill, Defender of the AAR, Duke of the Writer’s Lounge. The two crowns will become one under the same banner and the two peoples will be expected hostility and become brothers. It is henceforth decreed and by royal signature of his majesty Alwyn 1, long may he reign.

AD 2015

With that pathetic attempt at a royal decree/announcement finished here’s to the success of the recently merged Critic’s Quill and Writer’s Study!

MAARC LX is currently in the tiebreaker stage. With only four days left before the voting closes, head over here to cast your vote.
MCWC XII is looking for submissions. After a month and a half of no submissions, we really don’t want to extend this any longer. If you think you’re eligible, head over to here to claim your chance at ultimate fame and glory.

Well that seems like everything. I may or may not be back tomorrow with another blog post, until then

This has been your blog master,

Merchant of Venice

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  1. m_1512's Avatar
    :hmm: Royal decree sounds okay, but here's something to set the mood.:D

    [fieldset]It is done! The coronation was a success and I do not think there would be any troubles in the realms. That said, our tribute would also be taken care of in an uninterrupted manner. The new king has promised it on his quill. And now is the time that we merge back into shadows, hiding in plain sight in our dens. And we shall wonder what exactly do we do with all this tribute lying around.

    Gort and Swindle!

    - The Bold Red Inquisition[/fieldset]