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Intros (We don't bite)

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ďThe Writerís Study is dark and full of storiesĒ

Bonjour, ciao, hola, hallo, svieki, हेलो, merhaba, kaixo!!!

Awful aSoIaF references aside (yes, Iím a books man), hello to the newly-created, freshly-polished, recently-patented, parent-approved, vaccinated and heavily drugged, royally-endorsed (or Jacobin-endorsed, whatever side youíre on) Writerís Study Blog!!!

I can already tell through this screen how excited you all are.

ďBut what the hell goes on in the WS to warrant a blog?Ē You may ask.

To those who arenít regulars, a lot.

Ok, maybe not a lot, but more than average (average of what, you may continue to enquire about). We have a wonderful of writers constantly churning out new and exciting fiction (sometimes voluntarily, sometimes involuntarily, Iím not in a position to disclose Staff internal policy). Competitions inspire fierce and intense battles, which sometimes even end up in like real life duels (ok, sometimes in this case means never but we do have writing duels!). This blog will essentially cover all this drama and excitement, bringing you the newest stories, the oldest legendary tales, updates concerning ongoing AARs (After Action Reports) and CW (Creative Writing) pieces. Competition news, from MAARC votes to new ToTWs (youíre on your own from here on acronyms) will be covered as well.

But I havenít even introduced myself yet. Iím Merchant of Venice, one of our friendly Writerís Study Staff. Iíll be the main blog master (is that the title) of this blog, but maybe, if youíre lucky and pray to the Old Gods and the New, then maybe a wild Scottish King might emerge and grant you all a chance to see him (I havenít even consulted him about this so no promises). Others, are the brilliant M_1512, the recently crowned Criticís Quill Editor, Alwyn, yet another amazing writer, Caillagh, Lortano, Megas Tortas de Bodemloze and McScottish. But to meet them you actually have to come over to the WS and mingle with us weird writers.

That should be all the introductions and information you should need for now. Watch this space, WS news and generalness coolness incoming.

This has been your blog master (definitely my new title),

Merchant of Venice

Updated September 21, 2015 at 08:13 AM by Merchant of Venice

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  1. Alwyn's Avatar
    A brilliant start for the new WS blog! I look forward to more news and coolness