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Tag Team Tournament Day 11 (9-10-2015)

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* clears out cobwebs*

Hello there everyone! I'm pretty inconsistent with these aren't I? I'll try to work on that :whistling

Let's get right into it.


All Quarterfinals have ended and the Semi-Finals have begun. Riverknight and Guy managed to wrap things up nicely in the 3rd Quarterfinal, defeating myself and the other contenders in what I believe was the closest match of the Quarters.

Silenced Ape and Themzr won a crushing victory in their Quarter and Jadli/Korpskog pulled out a win over Ice Eyes and others.

Now, who shall prevail in this Clash of Westerosi Titans? They have proven themselves once already but that won't be enough to be crowned champions. There is still a long road ahead of them.


More than 2/3 of the way done and Poland and the Teutons have been knocked out of the Tourney, I tip my hat to those players, they have a positively intimidating match-up! Also half of Lithuania has fallen to Mithridate, though at no small cost, there are quite a few new Hungarian Widows to attest to the Lithuanians staunch defense..

Third Age

QF 1 (2v2v2) - Things are beginning to pick up, Gondor has been going on the aggressive and has made some good advances, leaving burnt villages and bodies in their wake. Though the HS has hit a couple snags due to players disappearing *wink wink* if anyone wishes to fill some spots that will be much appreciated, though speak with JWANT first to be sure.

QF 2 (2v2) - This HS is also in need of new blood to help it continue, *Ranger* is on his own amongst a sea of enemies and it is starting to tell, (contact Dux if interested) the hotseat seems to be steadily continuing and Gondor/Rohan alliance is picking up steam in this HS as well..


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