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Tag Team Tournament Day 10 (8-20-2015)

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Salutations! I hope you are ready for some updating! You know the drill by now ;)


Quarter Final 1 - Ice has made some risky moves besieged both Highgarden and Storm's End! The rest continues much as before!

Quarter Final 3 - Captain Humfrey has died! No hope left for any of us.. On a serious note Guy has lost his Prince Martyn to the Blue and I! He besieged Lannisport thinking the Lion would leave it's den without defenses. The widows of the Reach can attest to their wrongness.

Third Age

Quarter Final 1 (2v2v2) - A ship was sank by the Butterwell Brothers and Istvan was defeated by the mighty Dragon, otherwise naught has happened.

Quarter Final 2 (2v2) - Kas Shafra falls to Joe. Middle Earth is gearing up for battle, hopefully some forces shall chance across eachother soon.

Main (SS)

Riga has been taken! The Teutonic order has fallen! Just kidding, that's not their capital, there was confusion as to if Poland and the Teutons were out of the game but Dux saved the day and breathed life back into the beleaguered pair! They still have hope though I hear a *clip-clop* in the distance...