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Tag Team Tournament Day 9 (8-15-2015)

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Hello all! Been a while! Quite a lot longer than I had thought, sorry!

Right into it!


Quarterfinal 1 - Jadli continues his slaughter of everything that moves by slaying the Stormking and killing everything in sight! Ice has definitely been putting up a brave fight against him though, taking quite a few settlements of the dying Stormlanders in addition to reclaiming some of his territory! This Hotseat has been slowed down a bit due to some rule breaking/bending and I hope to see it back on track soon!

Quarterfinal 2 - The King of the reach has been killed! The Eyrie has fallen! The hotseat has ended with Ape and Themzr declared undisputed victors! I think nobody is surprised by this one based on how it's been going but I take my hat off to JcDestr0yer for fighting solo almost the entire time against the Tyrants, who shall face them in the Semis?

Quarterfinal 3 - Still a stalemate in the Riverlands, it has turned into quite the cold war with the advantage lying with Luume and Proto. Prince Martyn has been defeated in the south, not dead but certainly battered. Then Blue and I pulled out a huge turn and smashed 1.5 of Guy's stacks completely, not a soul survived to tell the tale and they are at Highgarden's doorstep. River and Guy have been pressuring Luume in the East, besieging Storm's End, the next turn shall be a big one indeed..

Third Age

Quarterfinal 1 (2v2v2) - Big things have started to happen in Middle Earth! Settlements being taken on all sides, Arrow giving the other players some great motivation to continue, Adanadhel killing Narsil's Faction Heir slaughtered followed by a relentless push into Rhu's lands!

Quarterfinal 2 (2v2) - Still quit here, nothing much to report.

Main (SS)

Going through a quiet spell, the Doctor and the Warlord continue to spread fear and sadness across all opponents, defeating kings and taking settlements.