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Tag Team Tournament Day 8 (8-2-2015)

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Hello Hotseaters! Tournaments have been picking up speed, hopefully I'll be able to post more often on them soon ;)

Let's get straight into it -


Quarterfinal 1- Korpskog and Jadli continue their conquest, taking Highgarden and smashing the Stormkings in the Crownlands, besieging Rosby, Duskendale, and Rook's Rest after smashing a Stormking host,will nobody be able to stop the bloodthirsty duo?

Quarterfinal 2 - There has been a hiccup in the action due to a rule violation in this Quarterfinal but it has been dealt with and Themzr along with theMonkey continue their rampage, besieging the Eyrie and Runestone!

Quarterfinal 3 - Yronwood has exploded from the south and has seemingly set a nasty trap for the Stormkings, forcing Luume to choose either his Prince or his armies, elsewhere things continue much the same..

Main (SS)

Things have settled down in the Main Section of the Tournament but that is due to the Warlord being temporarily out of action, I trust things to pick up soon and much blood to be spilt.

Third Age

Quarterfinal 1 (2v2v2)- It seems the Butterwell Brothers have struck! Taking down an army of Gondor and alluding to a risk taken with potential for big plays, not much else has happened in the intermission between this and my last post.

Quarterfinal 2 (2v2)- The silence continues.


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