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Tag Team Tournament Day 7 (7-26-2015)

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I have returned! Sorry it's taken so long, I get chronic migraines and they were returning with a vengeance, couldn't look at the screen long enough to type something bulkier than a paragraph!

Let's begin in my homeland as usual;
- In the 1st Quarterfinal things are looking very good indeed for Jadli and Korpskog, they have killed the King of the Reach! Things are looking very dire for their foes though Stormking and Arryn aren't doing too shabby either, Ice and Ramsay definitely have their work cut out for them if they wish to win.
- The 2nd Quarterfinal is looking much the same as usual, will anyone be able to stop Ape and Themzr on their rampage across Westeros?
- Over at the 3rd Quarterfinal things are shaping up to be the closest match-up yet with Stormking/Arryn combo coming out on top I believe, just killing my(Mudd's) king and smashing an Yronwood fleet, though we shall give them a run for their money! Gardener is having trouble from us and I'll hold on by my fingertips if need be.

Main (SS)
Big things happening here! Turn 3 and Poland's capital has already been lost to the fearsome duo of the Pony Lord and the Doctor! They have also smashed a Novgorodian force. It is looking very dire for the other teams, I wish them luck in fighting back the Warlords.

Third Age
Still quiet in Middle Earth other than a couple of skirmishes in the 2v2v2, the silence is all-encompassing, just waiting for someone to break it and cause all sorts of chaos to break out and plunge the realm into war and strife.

Back to the tavern I go! Come and relax with me, have a drink!