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Tag Team Tournament Day 6 (7-22-2015)

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Hey guys! Ton of stuff has happened since I last posted, sorry for the lateness, was going to last night but just didn't have the energy. In the 2nd Quarterfinal in Westreros JCdestr0yer has finally gotten a new partner that was sorely needed! Hopefully his partner, House Arryn, is now in capable hands because things don't seem to be looking too bright for the team, with the Stormking dead and his lands being attacked on all sides, I wish them both luck! In the 1st Quarterfinal of Westeros Jadli and co. have been giving the defending champs, Ice and Ramsay, a run for their money, with some smart maneuvering to bypass a fort wall that resulted in the death of many reachmen! And finally we come to the 3rd Quarterfinal in Westeros, from which I bring you dark tidings indeed.. remember my posting I was going to gamble? The gamble has failed folks, the elite troops of the Vale have smashed a Mudd force outnumbering them by almost a thousand men, I tip my hat to the warriors of the vale. All is not lost, but most is, I shall have to look toward defense now and just hope I find an opening that I can revenge my men on.

Third Age
The silence from Middle Earth is troubling. Dark times are brewing.

Main (SS)
Europe is calling her men to arms, the armies are gathering, sharpening swords and axes, oiling mail, marching to war.
Turns are being played and the SS semi is picking up speed, tis only a matter of time.

In the meantime I'll be in the Tavern! Come and have a drink with me, I'll save you a spot.

(I highly recommend the Valar Morghulis)