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My Crossfit Journey 6-29-15

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Little late on the post, didn't work out until late last night :)

Man are my shoulders sore!

Last night my workout was:

5 minutes on bike to warm up the quads with settings on 20.
8 rounds of overhead squat on the minute, 4 reps.
Tutorial -
8 rounds of front squat on the minute, 5 reps.
Tutorial -
Superset 10 Pushups with 10 Box Jumpts constantly for 5 minutes no breaks.
Finished up with abs of course ;)
10 Medicine Ball sit-ups on the decline bench superset with 5 dragon flags.
Tutorial(s) -

Great workout! If you're shirt isn't soaked and you can walk out without being in pain then you're doing it wrong :thumbsup2