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My Crossfit Journey 6-28-15

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So today I started on the long and painful journey that is crossfit, I had dabbled in it before but mostly stuck to bodybuilding/powerlifting because I wanted to gain size but now I have decided that I want to become a better athlete for various activities I participate in (to be touched upon in the future) and I believe I have started my journey on the wrong foot :laughter:. Yesterday I did a typical powerlifting day, 5x5 Squat, Bench and Deadlift, going fairly heavy, needless to say today I as quite sore and that made for a painful workout. :thumbsdow

Enough chitchat, this is for crossfit and the workout I do so mayhaps you can do them yourself!

I started off with going on the rowing machine for 1500 meters as a warmup followed by light stretching.

My first working exercise was 3 reps on the minute for 15 minutes (45 reps) of Squat Cleans.
Tutorial -
Second exercise was Standing Push Press, 4 reps on the minute for 8 minutes.
Tutorial -
My final exercise(s) was a superset - 10 kettlebell swings superset with 10 double unders.
Tutorial(s) -
I finished up with weighted crunches to get that ab work in! :)

Expect more tomorrow!

P.S - Bring wrist straps, you'll thank me later ;)

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