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Way of my sci-fi universe development. Year 2024

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Hi friends.
Wanted to talk a bit. Let's say that this year started not like I waited. And some things in my life were not as I planned before. Its a life. And as proverb says, if you want to make God fun, tell Him about your plans.
But anyway, I'm trying to continue my universe development. And I think, its not a small way. Yesterday I found forces to finish translation of my story which I wrote in 2023. I'm speaking about the Potestas War. And now it has translation. Not ideal or super good but it has.

Now I decided to finish my universe by the last story. I'm working on it now, and soon I'll tell about that.
I think my world needs to relax, because im working with it very long time. And all worlds must have the ending.
So you know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the ending story of my universe.

Thanks to all who are interesting on my stories and for all who see the Creative Writing section.

Best regards Alexander

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