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My new book "Fly" about my fantasy universe is fully ready

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My new book "Fly" about my fantasy universe is fully ready

Hello everyone, friends.

I would like to say a big thank to the TWcenter administration and the honourable people of this community. I can name them - Alwyn, Abdulmecid, Akar, Flinn, Cailagh, Dismounted Knight, Gggtotalwarrior, KLA, Raidair, Araval, Solon de Athenas, Sae, Gigantus, Athelstan, Jubal_Barca, Robbe Aerts (20ninescene); i can thank them for many years of verbal and moral support for my literary work. Almost all these people are familiar with my literature and have been for a long time.

Today I present my own book called "Fly". This book was created on the basis of my chronology about the so-called Zarem era of Egypt. I described it once.
My fantasy universe consists of several different periods. It has at least 70,000 years of history.
So, the Zarem period is a relatively new era that I created in 2022. This is the forgotten history of pre-Unification Egypt. At that time, Africa was a mostly green continent, there was no Sahara or other deserts that now cover the continent. Africa was still green then. This was 4500 BC. And it was at this time that the events of the work “The Fly” take place.

At the moment, the book already exists in full format and in Russian. Unfortunately, there is no full English version at the moment. Instead, there is a Google translation, but it is more or less understandable.
If anyone wants to read it, there is a corresponding topic on TWcenter in the Creative Writing section.

Now I would like to talk about what is happening with my universe at the moment.

This year I successfully completed the period called the Potestas War. This is part of the Hyperborean period of the setting 20,000 BC. The Zarem period, which I talked about (4500 BC), is also more or less formalized.
At the same time, a new period of the Invasion of the Devourers into the Main Galaxy was introduced. While Egypt was splitting apart from wars, there was a more terrible war in another part of the galaxy. I also have a future period.
Probably those who read Sci-Fi Development on the forum heard about the period of the war with the League. This is already the 26th century AD.

That is, I have plenty of periods. And now, we can already say that there are plenty of works.
If you look at my profile, you will see how many texts I have written over the past years.

At the moment I want to take a break in terms of setting, think about a lot, introduce something else, and then start writing again and perhaps soon we will see my next book.
Also, my fantasy universe exists on some game engines as mods or individual missions (maps, map packs, campaigns). I sent out invitations to many of my friends from the Total War community.

And I am grateful to those who agreed to come. I also have friends - Belgian musicians, to whom I also extended invitations. I admit that I also reported this to Henry Cavill, an artist from Hollywood. But his representatives have not yet responded.

However, I still thank this talented actor for his wonderful projects and for the fact that he loves the Total War series. Of course, my universe does not pretend to be Prof. Tolkien or George Martin. I'm still a long way from these people.
But I still don’t consider my work “pampering.” I hope that someday my universe will reach new frontiers.

Once again, thank you so much to everyone here!
See you around.

And don`t forget to check the Creative Writing section.

Sincerely, Alexander Krokhmal

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  1. mishkin's Avatar
    Good luck and happy birthday
  2. BagaturSasha's Avatar
    Thank you sir!
  3. BagaturSasha's Avatar
    Sad, that the presentation was without a lot of people
    But thanks to those who were there!