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This year I "visited" Egypt and the Eladris empire

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This year I "visited" Egypt and the Eladris empire.

Strange blog name, isn't it?

But it's true. This year I even thought that I would focus only on the Egyptian theme.
But I decided to continue on.

Let me remind you that this year I created a whole work on Ancient Egypt. For me, this is a completely new experience. After all, I am a fantasy writer, and only in this genre I prefer to work. But when I made "Fly", I used a large amount of knowledge about the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Then I decided to release another piece. It was even posted on the forum in the Creative Writing section.

There, the action is transferred to the Eladris Empire, again in an absolute fantasy world, in another galaxy. Events as far back as 20,000 years before our era, as in my work "Revenge of the Tyrants. Darkness".
The point is that I created this lineage related to the far Eladris Empire (or the Eladraman Empire)... in 2008, when writing was just beginning for me.
And it turned out that I created enough works with different heroes and eras, but I forgot the most important thing - what I created back in my school years.

And here is the work.
The plot there is dedicated to Captain Eric. I also came up with this character in 2008. But in all these years, I never managed to arrange it completely into a book or work. He always figured in my sketches. But there was always enough heroism in him.

And now I'm glad that I finally made a work about the legendary Eladraman captain.

I do not know if there will be as many works from me in the future as in these past years. But at least it's good that I "did my duty" to Eric.

Also in this year i`m planning to make a full book. But not about Erik.
All info will be later.... after some weeks.)

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