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Involved this year in Proto-Egyptian history

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Involved this year in Proto-Egyptian history:
Fantasy Writer Chronicles

Hi all. This year I got really involved in Egyptian history. Well, as I turned on ... At one time I developed a whole line in my fantasy universe, which was called the Zarem period of Egypt. And I even posted it in the Creative Writing section.
So, this year I decided not only to create something new for this period (the chronology is already there, and there is a lot of information there!), But also spectacular.

In May of this year, my new play (script) came out, just dedicated to this period. Unfortunately, while the translation leaves much to be desired, but the original text is 100% written.
The Zaremian period is approximately 4500 BC. This time is long before the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt. In my setting, I emphasized the unknown period before Pharaoh Narmer. This time is really unexplored, and therefore we cannot say that something was or was not. We can`t say anything. Its a secret.
But its can be a good base for fantasy.
In addition, I explained why the Sahara subsequently turned into a desert, although as early as 4500 BC. instead of it stretched the Lands of Green Libya.

I plan to write more in this direction.
At the same time, to develop the events of this period not only on Earth, but also in other regions of the galaxy.
Let me remind you that my fantasy universe spans almost 100,000 years of history (or even more), and dozens of galactic states (empires, kingdoms, republics and etc). Earth is just one of the planets.

I hope everything is fine with you, and my information was interesting.

And also, I'm really looking forward to the new game Total War: Pharaoh.
I hope it doesn't disappoint.

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  1. Flinn's Avatar
    I have to say, I admire your dedication to the work of novelist and all that comes with it.

    I wish you all the best for your future career, and I really mean that dude.

    Ad maiora!
  2. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    Passion like this is really what brings much of the joy to TWC these days, good work and may there be much more.
  3. BagaturSasha's Avatar
    Thank You all very much! )