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I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture, and can`t support the CA

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I don`t like the cancellation of russian culture,
and can`t support the CA

This article i have posted in Moddb and in Imperial forums. But here i am doing it too, but with some changes. (no copypast)

Hello all!
I think, many of you know me a lot of years.
My real name is Alex.

I am half-russian, half-ukrainian, I have been a member of the Union of Russian Writers since 2021, a participant in speeches (at one time) at the Central House of Writers, an active member of many international online communities, the grandson of a well-known scientist in Europe. I have a large number of good friends in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, European countries, America, the CIS and even in Asia. And you know, I want to speak on a very hot topic.

We know what happened very recently. And what happened is incomprehensible to the mind. As a friend of mine said, what happened is reminiscent of some kind of drug addicted crazy movie, which shows absolutely unrealistic events. But now it is our reality. Politics is not welcome here and in many other forums, so I will keep silence about the details.
But i still need to talk. And talk seriously.

Let's start with the Creative Assembly example. This is a very famous British company that gave us such wonderful games as Rome Total War or Medieval II or the latest masterpieces like Rome2, Attila, Warhammer TW. Personally, I have been playing games from this company for a long time and find them very interesting. It took enough of my time. But most importantly - instilled knowledge. This is especially true for historical projects of CA.

But why did the CA suddenly decide to take and abolish the Russian language? Why do other communities do the same? As if the Russian language is to blame. Certainly, the problem seems insignificant.... Only it seems. But in fact, it is very important. After all, life is built from the little things.
The Russian language is subjected to some strange discrimination. Like, if you are Russian and speak Russian, then you are a nazi, an extremist, a rapist, and so on and etc. But is the Russian people really a single organism with a common ideology? Is the Russian language a product of the same ideology, an artificially grown form of life that threatens all living things?

For a moment: Russian is spoken by a huge number of people around the globe. Not only in Russia itself! It is one of the important languages of such countries as Ukraine, Belarus, CIS countries, Moldova, and eventually Eastern Europe (Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc.). Plus, recently there has been a huge number of emigrants and oppositionists who came from Russia to Europe, the USA and the countries of America. Some have gone to Asia.
And it turns out that they are also somehow to blame? Shouldn't they also speak their native language, watch films in Russian and play in Russian? Why??

Well, what about the fact that the people and the government are two different things?
Is the whole nation to blame for what is happening? And if the people want changes, but they are not given deliberately? If the people are trying, but can not change anything. And what about the language? Is language a weapon? Is it a hostile element?
Russian is just a language. A language spoken by millions of people around the globe. Millions of good people.

But CA doesn't seem to understand this. I don't know what made them change their strategy. And why other igrodely also refuse the Russian language. For what? Do they really think that this will somehow lead to reconciliation? Do they really think that this is some kind of positive factor?
Yes, there is no positive factor here. This whole strategy leads to a split and to an even greater increase in the conflict, to its growth, and in the end to an occasion .... An occasion that a certain group of people will undoubtedly use to invent something once again.

CA policy is splitting the community. It leads to the fact that many people (with different ideologies, with different ways of thinking!), who want to play in Russian, are actually left with nothing. And what a mean thing to do with Total War Warhammer III! How wrong it was!

Thank God, there were figures of the international community Imperial (allied to TWC), who quickly corrected the situation. Honor and praise to the brave guys-translators who united with each other for the sake of one goal. People, by the way, of different nationalities.

I can show you their work
and the main thread in Moddb
People took a lot of time for doing that, and finished their work.

I confess that I tried to talk on this subject with representatives of the CA, but they did not listen, did not even deign to answer. Although they answered my other questions (I wrote to them more than once, asked questions, wished them success).

Why didn't they solve this issue? They could at least answer that they consider it necessary to continue their policy towards the Russian language. But they didn't answer at all. When a person does not respond to messages, it usually means one thing - he has nothing to answer .... There are no adequate words, thoughts for this. Inside, after all, he understands that he was deeply mistaken. But he cannot admit guilt.

Many people speak Russian. And the language and culture are absolutely irrelevant here.
Finally, let's take a neat example of Cambodia. When Pol Pot staged a hellish massacre in his native country and attacked Vietnam, did someone cancel the Cambodian lang? But what about those 3 million killed, and those who opposed Pol Pot? But everyone knew about them.

This or that country has always experienced different eras. There were light and beautiful, but there were - gloomy and heavy. That's life! This is the history of human civilization!
But you can't rake everyone in one haystack. It is impossible to equate everyone to one person or to a group of persons.
And you can't blame languages, because languages are not to blame for anything.
Whoever needs it will understand. Whoever does not understand does not need to understand, therefore, he has not matured.
But I would like people of the Western community to understand this.
One can recall the interview of the British Foreign Secretary, who clearly said that his country has no strife with Russian culture. The same goes for language. But didn't the CA really think about it?

And what would King Charles himself say to this, God bless his reign for many years?! What would the greatest Queen Elizabeth, who respected the cultures and languages of other countries, say to this? And what would Sir Winston Churchill himself say?

My grandfather was the big scientist and respected person in Europe. He respected the european leaders and the Royal Family of Windsors. He had medals and rewards for his work with international community, he made a lot in geophysical science. And he would never support the cancellation of culture because of regime.

Dictators regimes, languages and nations are absolutely different concepts.
We can`t cancel the culture and language because of some dictator groups. We can`t cancel the nation because of one or several mad persons.

I hope that the СA and other Western industries will come to their senses and stop "cancelling" the Russian language and culture.
After all, these two factors are not to blame for anything. They are not responsible for what happens. They are not responsible for all this!

And to remove the Russian language from everywhere is wrong, if only because it will lead to an even greater split. Does our planet need a split now, an even more terrible split in the world community? I guess everyone knows the answer.
We must do good for our planet. For humanity. Especially now.
Any split only hurts our world.

Peace and Love, friends. Only these 2 words.
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  1. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    From what I can deduce CA has been rather tasteless here. I've had issues elsewhere with perfectly legitimate Russian users being unreasonably inconvenienced or excluded. Good fortune to you and others in this trying time.