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Merry Christmas TWC

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Per the title. I wanted to ramble for just a minute. Please, take a seat.

In ~5 days I am 'entering the service'... I'll be the guy watching your phones. No really, I'm going to be doing computer infrastructure stuff. Sparing the technical bits, it means I'll be going from a relatively boring existence mostly defined by side gigs and retail into something a little more structured and skills relevant, and a future to build from. I think it will be a good thing for me; those who know me know I can be scattered at the best of times, and I often have difficulties settling on paths, completing plans or even logging in to take a nibble sometimes. This should help clear the mind somewhat, bring organization, a bit of maturity which I know has been somewhat absent.

I'm a fairly young dude, and my record on TWC is comparatively quite short. I've gotten to touch base with people 2, 3 times my age in totally different generations of the internet, and I started doing it before I was 18. TWC's been a bit of a shoulder I've leaned on from time to time, through a few bumps in life's road as well. I wish I'd been able to offer more over the years, but I'm fairly satisfied with my 2022 record: A stint in spambashing and janitorial tasks, + being able to tweak the wiki into a somewhat better place. I'm not sure what I will do when I return, I'm deliberately trying not to make plans. I'll make them when I do and that will probably be somewhere in early August. Yeah, it's a long training cycle.

It's going to be interesting to see what changes, or what doesn't by the time I return to this post. Will the link to this page still resolve? Will our Messiah return, and bestow a new age of technical activity? Or will it be just the same, different day? I'm leaning probably the latter but I hope not - it's an inelegant way for this site to go. I really feel I've come in at the wrong time, at what might be the end of the record. Hopefully not.

Will StrategyGaming bust, or will it be a respectable contender in the new age? In this I'm hoping the latter - it doesn't have the luxury of being able to sit in one place for too long, not this early. I bring it up because it is very different but in community and ethos, much the same. It could make a bump in the forum road. So that's one of the things I'll peek at later.

Or heck, maybe something curious will come out of the Org, or one of those other old-timey internet forums from the periphery. Maybe Exilian will step up, who knows.

To be honest I rather like the old aesthetic - it's a poor sell to the new age but there's a certain charm to it that I don't find in reddit, steam, not discord necessarily either. I hope to one day settle into one of these projects. I'm not picky which one - I could take multiple. But, and we've been over this many many times so I'll be brief, there needs to be a change for this format to return above water. I don't expect a great deal will happen in the odd ~7 months I'm gone, but that's quite a timeskip too - who knows? On the other hand I'm a bit of a wiki nerd and that's a universe on the internet of its own. Very obscure here, but I rather like the ethos. I'd hope to maybe bring those worlds together... but now I'm planning. Sorry.

Anyway, this post is goodbye for now, and a Merry Christmas to all who have come in or stayed this far. Or, whatever holiday pleasantry you like. Americans, mind your winter storms this week. I'll be signing off probably tomorrow to focus on final affairs. Keep the wiki pages alive. Try not to burn it all down in the meantime. Behave yourselves...

I'm warning you, I might be retired but I'm hiding a mace. I don't know why I still have it (I retired in like, November) but look under my profile bit. Don't test me...

Oh and uh, your homework (you! reading this.) is fleshing out this page. Even if we're at the end of the road we should at least get our history together. I don't care if it's biased, it just needs to be there. Thanks!


  1. mishkin's Avatar
    best wishes for your future, thanks for your work/presence here and merry christmas to you and everyone