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Good morning/death

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Good morning.

Last night I dreamed that my mother was very sick, suffering a lot, between tears asking me to let her die.

My mother died a few months ago from complications of an incurable cancer after months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She, admitted to the hospital, suffering a lot and aware that she was going to die, asked us to let her die. The penultimate night some asked her to fight more and she continued to suffer. We agreed that on her last night they would supply her with the necessary morphine so that she would not suffer (much) despite the risk that she might die. She finally died after a night that seemed horrible to me. I hope that morphine is something great, but it did not seem so to me "from the outside".

the reason (or one of the reasons) why I write this: if someone you love is suffering, don't be selfish, don't ask them to continue suffering.

I would greatly appreciate it if no one answered this at all, thank you.