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Gaius Baltar

Night Moves Part 4

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The dinner table was elegantly set. A broad white silk cloth with an intricate pattern that looked somewhat like the club logo, which was a silver dragon rampant. The finest china and silverware dotted the table at precise intervals and were lit by the glow of what appeared to be candles in golden candelabras. The lights had been dimmed and some sort of presentation was taking place on the main stage. I took a moment to reflect on my rapid transition from a beer stained bar back to sitting here at this fine table with two of the most beautiful women in the world.

Sitting on my right, I softly clasped Tempests hand in mine to grab her attention. Her eyes were like glittering pools of limpid fire in the candlelight, and now, once again, her perfume began to break through my senses. She looked at me and fluttered her eyes. My heart beat seemed to still with the movement. Calmly, I pulled her hand closer to my chest. I spoke softly into her ear so that are conversation could be private. “Darling”, another squeeze of her hand for emphasis, “What the hell is going on?”

Tempest raised her fingers to my lips and indicated that I should listen. She then leaned over behind me and began whispering with Chaos. I could not make out everything they said but when Tempest whispered, “Storm!”, they both began giggling uncontrollably. Chaos leaned over and grabbed my knee assuredly, while Tempest leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You are my bodyguard this evening”. “She blew softly into my ear for good measure, “.. my personal bodyguard”. The candlelight sparkled off of her eyes and she nodded slowly as if to acknowledge the fact. And there I had it. I was a bodyguard. But guarding from what?

In short order, menus were delivered to the table. We ordered, and then drinks were presented. Interestingly, my small group only had iced water. One of the notable characteristics of that evening was we were all sober the entire time. While the glasses were filled and ice clinked against the crystal, I pulled Tempest up with me onto the dance floor. We embraced and did a slow dance routine while soft music hummed in the background. Tempest rested her head on my shoulder and we twirled along the edges of the dance floor. This allowed me to get glimpses of the other individuals in the room sitting at their respective tables. There were several wealthy businessmen, several football players from the local professional team, and various elected officials and other more shady characters. It was an interesting mixture. After are circuit of the dance floor we ended up in the middle as the music ended and the lights turned up to illuminate us. There we were, standing in each other’s arms, in the center of the dance floor for all to observe. There was a generous applause as we walked hand in hand to our seats. There was a sparkling of camera flashes and I assumed more than a few videos as well. Nothing can be kept secret forever.

We returned to our table just in time for the dinner service. It was a delicious pepper crusted sea bass with garlic asparagus spears and a light salad. I washed it all down with cold water and opted for the cherry cheesecake for desert. While nibbling on this the stage was suddenly abuzz with activity again as another speaker took the podium. This activity generated considerable more interest than before. Tempest nudged my side and indicated that I should pay attention to the stage.

In line with the night’s theme of exotic and beautiful women, a rare blonde approached the stage and was handed a package before walking up to the podium. She had long blonde hair and was wrapped in a sheer white evening gown. Her neck and hands sparkled with light. She put her material down on the speaker’s platform in front of her and regarded the audience. When her eyes found Chaos, sitting to my immediate left, she stopped and her gaze became icy.

The night was just beginning.