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Gaius Baltar

Night Moves Part 3

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The entrance was well lit and staffed by half dozen security and staff. The opening resembled a large portico flanked by Doric columns. A massive chandelier hung over the patio just past the entrance. Exotic plants and bubbling fountains were used to produce a calming atmosphere. Several pathways led off of the patio but the large iron and glass doorway in front of us led directly into the club. As I have mentioned previously, this was the parent organization of the smaller club where I worked and had been lifted from earlier in the evening. And clearly they catered to a different type of clientele, one that would of course have more disposable income. The club where I worked was a blue collar affair that attracted a wide range of individuals. This club, however, attracted well-to-do professionals from across the state. And by the style of dress present, I could tell some type of formal occasion was at hand. The interior was well lit and symmetrically placed dinner tables ringed a large dance floor and stage. Along the far wall a bar and buffet service was set. In the middle of the food table was a large ice sculpture of an angel. It wings were out folded and if pointed directly with its right hand at the entrance, where I was standing of course. I regarded this curiosity as my escorts then broke off and pulled me to the left and towards a hallway.

This event was well attended and both men and women appeared to be in formal attire. As such, the girls fit in quite well. I, however, was in the club polo with blue jeans. I looked like one of the cooking staff who had accidently made their way onto the main floor. When we reached the entry to the hallway “Chaos” split off and moved towards the back of the room and the bar. “Tempest” whispered into my ear, “the gentleman here will take you for a change of clothes”. I turned and examined my new escort. He was an older dark haired man in a spotless dress uniform that sported the club logo. He mentioned politely for me to follow him. Tempest gave me a quick kiss on the lips and then turned to follow Chaos. I trailed the elderly gentleman down the hallway and into the men’s clubroom.

The interior smelled of leather and cigar smoke. A dark carpet was topped with numerous leather covered couches and chairs. The old man produced a tape measure and proceeded to get my size. He nodded, “You should take a shower, you smell like beer.” Lesson learned, I had been moving kegs of beer earlier and had to deal with a spill. I found my way into the locker room and grabbed one of the plush club towels. I undressed and placed my clothes, keys, badge and gun inside the locker. The shower was hot with water jets originating from all sides of the enclosure. I could have stayed there for hours but I forced myself to soap down, rinse off and exit promptly. Waiting for me was a clean set of clothes including pressed pants and a dinner jacket. All in black. Everything fit snuggly and was designed for athletic movements. From the selection of shoes I chose the Italian loafers. Near the mirror was another selection of shaving components and cologne. I applied some liberally and combed my hair back. I retrieved my belongings from the locker, leaving the clothes and tucking the rest inside my vest and belt.

I stood in front of the floor length mirror and knew that I was now as well dressed as my companions. The old man reappeared and beckoned me to follow him again. Out into the clubroom we moved. And there, in the center of the room, apparently waiting for me, was the club owner. He nodded, “I see your suit fits well. I appreciate you showing up here tonight. “He shook my hand and from a silver tray picked up a large golden ring which he placed in my hand. “You can wear this tonight”. It was a large ring with the club logo, sprinkled with jewels. All I could do was nod, “Of course, glad to be here.”

The group broke up and migrated in different directions. I took my cue again from the elderly butler and followed out back down the hallway to the club floor. There, perched against the wall, impatiently waiting for me was Tempest. Her eyes flashed and she grinned to see me in my new attire. I took her arm and placed it in mine. We looked at each other for a long time, she leaned in whispering my name, “We should have a seat now”, gesturing at the large dinner table off to the side where are companion Chaos was seated and waiting.

I pulled her in for a deep kiss, when we parted I held her close. “Tonight”, I whispered, “My name is Storm”.