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Gaius Baltar

Night Moves, Part 2

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As we pulled onto the road that snaked its way along the Westside, past nightclubs and restaurants, I became concerned. Just two minutes ago I was enjoying a peaceful and predictable night at the club, and here now I had just walked out the front door, in full uniform, with the younger sister of my friend at the club. Events had progressed at a dizzying pace. And then there was the overwhelming emotional and physical properties of the situation. Two gorgeous young women, dressed to kill, who had within a few minutes relieved me of my willpower and common sense. Their perfume in the air was like a drug and every time I took a breath goosebumps appeared on my skin and I felt a strange but appealing sensation of delirium.

After a few minutes we pulled into the parking lot of an upper scale club-restaurant. It was in fact, the parent organization of the club I had just walked out of. Our companion for the evening was slightly taller than my girlfriend and had an exotic look about her. She had taken her place in the back passenger seat as we left the club. Now she leaned forward and reached out for my cheek. She cupped the side of my face, and drew her fingernail slowly across my cheek. The sensation that touch produced I can only describe as ecstasy. My face flushed and tears ran from my eyes. I tried to speak but could only produce garbled sputters. Her eyes were a of shade almond brown, they sparkled and she looked deeply in my eyes. She spoke my name slowly, nodding as if she knew I understood her. "Tonight", she said, "you can call me Chaos". She leaned in and gave a deep sensual kiss. She pulled back slowly and softly laughed. I leaned back on my seat and put my head on the headrest for support. On cue my girlfriend leaned over and also took my face into her hand. I was burning with sensation at that point and either one of them could have knocked me over with a feather. She leaned in and gave me a prolonged deep sensual kiss. Her grey green eyes flashed softly across my face as she blew her breath across my cheek. The sensation was incredible and cannot be described with words from the English language. "And tonight", she cooed softly, "you will call me Tempest". Once again I was unable to reply legibly. My passengers, now in complete control of me, my car and apparently my soul, opened the door and stepped into the parking lot.

Gasping for breath I was able to exit the car. I made sure the car was locked and so trailed my companions several dozen yards as we made our way the club entrance. The night had completely swallowed the sun in the west and a blanket of stars covered the sky. The moon hung overhead, bright enough to produce shadows as we walked across the parking lot. In this moment I looked forward and they were laughing and looking back towards me. The moment seemed to take forever and even to this day, years later I have this intense memory of the beautiful goddesses waiting for me to catch up to them before we entered the club. Their long hair, sparkling eyes, flashes of golden jewelry standing in the moons shadow outside the entryway are forever etched into my mind. It is a pleasant memory, and when I bring it to mind my face flushes and my head tingles with sensation.

I caught up with them in front of the club just outside the grassy curb. The night was warm with a characteristic south breeze. Being outside had brought some clarity to my thoughts. Once again I pondered the improbability of the moment. Tempest spoke softly, "there is something I need for you to do for me now". She empathized the point by raising her eyebrows and looking into my eyes with a searching stare. I nodded, what else was I going to do? The girls each grabbed an arm and we walked into the entryway.

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