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Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

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Writing Blog 2022. Finished the story "Storm of Souls".

Hi all.
Haven't written anything in a while. In general, there was almost nothing to write. This whole year was - you know what (don`t want to tell about it more things, all you know what happened). We will not discuss its details.

I want to talk about my writing successes. This year, although I did a little work on my fantasy worlds, I still did at least something. For example, I finished the chronicle of Ancient Egypt, according to the history of my setting. This is a story that could be in our world. Why not? I painted it not just "from my head", but for this I read a lot of materials from real history. I think it would be interesting for everyone to find information about what was in Egypt before Pharaoh Narmer.
(already introduced it to my friends here, in Discord and in other ally communities)

Well, the second. I made another work comparable to "Revenge of the Tyrants. Darkness".
It's called "Storm of Souls". Very simple and maybe beautiful name.

Just do not confuse with the computer game of the same name.
In this case, the action of the work takes place in the 26th century AD, in the midst of the Acheronian galactic war. The planet of the Griffin Imperium (part of the Galaxy Coalition) faces a very dangerous threat. Initially, it is attacked by a League flotilla, and the attack is successfully repelled by local troops. But then evil comes...
Evil, which obviously no one expected. An evil that is associated with the Darkness that has threatened the universe since the days of the Ancient Days.

In this work, I raised many questions. There are hints of the real world, real history, myths and esoteric sources and much more. In a word, I tried. But to evaluate my work - of course, You, readers, and not me.

In any case, I wish you all success.
If anyone is interested, go to Creative Writing.
All the information is there.

Sincerely, A.Krokhmal aka BagaturKhan
Creative Writing