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Gaius Baltar

Night Moves, Part 1

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In was late summer, and as a break between the spring and fall semesters at college I was working as a bar-back at one of the local dance clubs.
This particular club could host live bands and had a complex layout which gave it a certain reputation on the west side. I was not there for the money.
I was there for the nightlife and the bonus paycheck that happened to be part of the experience. The nights were, for the most part, a carefree experience of
wandering around the club, engaging with different individuals and groups, and the occasional break to move stock or supplies. Most nights the
management consisted of a single individual who would sit in the office while the rest of the crew managed the club.

One of my responsibilities was to police the property looking for anything that might endanger the activities, such as broken glass, torn up restrooms,
overly inebriated customers, and the occasional brawl. This I did as part of the crew so there was always 3 or 4 of us on patrol looking out for problems
while we listened to the band or talked with the clientele. In reality we never had much to worry about but when something did happen it was significant.
Because of this the crew members were unusually close and everyone became good friends, even outside the club during our time off. This would come
to play a role in the events about to unfold.

The summer was winding to a close. Warm south winds bathed the streets under the covering blanket of stars. I arrived at sundown as usual and joined the crew for our before opening strategy meeting.
I received my assignment that night, I would be working the biggest room in the club. This room had the large dance floor and DJ office at the back of the room. In
the front was the raised platform with pool tables. The bar in this room essentially covered the eastside, except for where it intersected with the
dancefloor. This was the best room, in fact for achieving one of my primary goals for the evening. Girls, more specifically young ladies looking for a good time.
I was young, 20 years old and in my physical prime. I was well muscled due to my weight lifting routines and had a long shock of blonde hair and deep blue eyes.
My reputation for being both wild and casual worked well here.

Early in the evening I was lounging up along the back wall near the pool tables. The dance floor was alight and couples were dancing in a rhythmic fashion to the music.
the sound of clinking glasses and conversation hummed near the bar. Just then, two young ladies entered the room and caught my attention. This particular couple was notable
for several reasons. First of all, both were black haired beauties with dark sparkling eyes. Athletically and artistically built, they were somewhat skimpily dressed with
plenty of leg and shoulder available. They had been blessed with attractive features at birth and were very easy to look at. Immediately they walked up to me.
I found myself looking into the eyes of a virtual goddess with grey green eyes. She dipped her cheek and pouted. She spoke my name and said as she motioned with her eyes
towards the door, "follow us out". It was not a question but a simple directive.

Now before entertaining the thoughts that one might bring to mind about such a situation, a few more details are needed. The goddess that was speaking with me was, in fact,
my closest acquaintance at the time. We had a long and complex history. She was the younger sister of a friend of mine at the club, and because of this are relationship was
necessarily cloaked in secrecy. Some things, however, could not be kept secret for long. Our recent habits and revealed us together at several local clubs and gatherings.
We were considering going public with our relationship. This would of course confirm the rumors that were rapidly spreading. Another usual aspect of the situation was her
approaching me at the club. So for all intents and purposes, we were moving out of the shadows. And so, for the rest of the night, we ended the charade in a grand fashion.

Leaving the club, even in its relaxed atmosphere, was not a simple task. There was the very real possibility that I would lose my job. Not that it really mattered, as it
wasnít about the money. What would be more consequential would be being linked romantically. I weighed all of this against her smiling visage and she turned with her
companion and walked out the door. I hesitated for a few seconds for good measure then followed. Leaving would involved passing through several other rooms and walking
right past the office. As I entered the central room of the complex I was relieved to see the bar unoccupied, by some miracle I was able to walk right through and past it and the office.
But then I entered the hallway with the entrance and the personal who accepted the cover fees and stamped hands. Again, I was surprised, no one there. Whatever magic she had worked had
cleared the path and I walked out into the parking lot.

She was waiting for me near the entrance, and took my hand and led me away and up the hill to the upper part of the parking lot. There, once out of sight of the club she turned
jumped into my arms and gave me my first kiss of the night. Whatever resistance I had to being pulled away from the club and pulling the lid off of our relationship vanished.
Gazing into my eyes, she says " You should really find another job, thatís really not a good place to work. For emphasis she leaned in, "You can do better.". Another kiss.
The moment caught up with me. As I had described I was standing now with two beautiful sexy young women who were dressed far beyond what one might expect for a casual evening out on the town.
Then there was the perfume. The intoxicating, haunting scent that now clogged my nostrils. The excitant was palpable, leaving the clubs and being out in public with her all worked
together to produce a spell. I was enthralled.

She led me to my car and simply stated, "Your driving". Then and there I got into my car, still dressed in my club shirt with its distinctive logo. She sat in the passenger seat, grabbed my arm and snuggled up. A quick buss on the cheek, "Lets go!". And off into the night we drove.

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