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The Dude's thoughts: nemo propheta in patria

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Not an easy topic to approach, honestly. I know I will sound arrogant, but life taught me that is better to say what you think you have to say and move on, than to just shut up in fear of hurting someone's feelings... but only when you know that the receiving side would be receptive and available to rethink their positions or believes, something which happens very rarely (that's why I don't debate in general) or when your duty calls you to it ... that's why its is very difficult to be a "prophet in your own land".

The expression in itself, widely used in Italy, can be interpreted in many ways, for instance some use it to intend that it's is very difficult to become popular in your own land. Others interpret it as the logic that makes it easier to talk about yourself to a stranger and that makes it way easier to listen and follow their suggestions.
As for me I always used it to highlight those moments in which you were very much right about something, but no one listened to you, because of various reasons (the first being that that goes against their interests or beliefs). It is very much happening to me at various levels (and you'll pardon my arrogance here), starting from my own home up to RL or "fictional" politics and while it sucked very much when I was younger, over the years I learnt to stand by the latin motto and accept facts for what they are. It also happens to me often that people I know well won't listen to my spot on suggestions, while strangers would (and that's why I probably was so popular and respected in the PH&A forum).

Anyways, the older I get, the more I understand my father. He was a very smart and talented man (head physician, University professor, more than 100 scientific publications.. I mean, someone who knew what he was talking about!) but later on in his life he became a very quiet and silent man (especially after he retired from work), to the point that when a hot topic was being discussed, he used to become very distracted or even fall to sleep. Few years ago I looked at that as an evidence of weakness of character, now I can confidently say that it is quite the contrary: it takes a huge self control to avoid starting an argument when you know you are right but there won't be any real discussion since the other part is not ready at all to listen. And it feels proper not to to waste words on those who really do not deserve to know the truth.

At the end of the day I guess it all boils down to our ego: as long as we can satisfy it, it doesn't really matter if we win or not an argument, or if someone recognizes that we are right or the like .. when you are bold enough to convince yourself that you are right none the less, you can move on. The important is not to feel like an ordinary man, as Ozzy says...

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