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Medieval II is a perfectly balanced game

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Now that I got your attention here the full title of the video I would like to draw your attention to:

Medieval 2 is a perfectly balanced Broken game - Robbing Computers For Dummies

Like with all the videos from that channel it is a humorous review involving the use of single, not so obvious, exploits to an astonishing level. But see for yourself, and above all, don't get serious I for once have never heard of this exploit, although in retrospect it is used in a abstract way in more ambitious financial scripts (EBII comes to mind).

Updated May 04, 2022 at 11:20 PM by Gigantus

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  1. Flinn's Avatar
    I hated this from second 15 and on "the game it's incredibly old". It's not something you should say about such a classy lady as MedII is. Nope.

    The video is hilarious anyways
  2. Dismounted Feudal Knight's Avatar
    I knew this exploit was entirely possible, but after seeing it initially I did realize more how it actually works. More broken than ever.

    As long as you ignore the fact that easily a dozen more issues at this level exist, the game is perfectly well balanced and constructed exactly as designed.
  3. alhoon's Avatar
    I didn't know of this exploit, and knowing it is there makes the game nearly unplayable for me.