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The Dude Goes into politics: the Good, the Bad and the Worst.

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Now, the title should have been the Good ones, the Bad ones and the Worst ones, but then it would have lost that reference that I so much hold dear, so ..

However, I'm aware of the fact that the argument I'm going to write now is controversial, or at the least very subjective: we all know that quite often it is a matter of perspective if you end being the good rather the bad one (or vice versa) in a story.

That being said, as individuals, before than anything else (I mean even before we define ourselves according to what we do for a living, what we like and bla bla) I think that what really defines us is how we relate with the other people: are we the good ones? those who help the "neighbor"? Are we the bad ones, those who do not care of the other ones? Or are we the worst ones, those who exploit the other ones?
Yes I know, that is a bit narrow and no one continuously sticks to one of those "models", none the less the trend of what kind of person someone is, becomes pretty evident when you get to know them well (or just better).

This is even truer when you get to touch those sensible, private aspects of their lives: I mean, everybody can pretend to act friendly or being the "bad ass that does not need anything", etc.. but when it gets to the basics, one invariably switches to their own natural tendencies. Why am I mentioning all this? Because having to deal with the "public" affairs of people, really makes you understand who is who.

I did mention something related to that when talking about dealing with the Covid (for instance about people blatantly trying to get money from the public funds for Covid even if they did not have any right at all) and basically the more the time goes, the more I realize that there are very few, it at all, of the good ones... most of people do sit on the bad ones category.. yes calling them bad is not fair probably (and I myself act as badly as anyone else when that suits me), few of them, luckily less than the good ones, are really the worst ones.
I don't want to talk about the latter category, they are what they are, they don't give a crap about other people and simply treat them like things or properties.. they are beyond my reach honestly and if one does not have empathy, well nothing I can do to change them.

But I do try to talk and change people, at the least for what's regarding their contribution to the community they belong to. Yes this is all that is about: if most of the people is "bad" and they are not ready to contribute to the common good, then what hopes we do have to make something good out of the work we are doing as public admins? (If we really are called to make something good out of it, that is.. but that's for another blog I suppose).
I need to expand a bit: when I started this adventure, now over three years ago, I did know that I could not expect much from people, but I was also convinced that this was largely due to lack of faith of people in the "honesty of institutions" and lack of interaction and communication between them.. I was very much wrong, sadly.

Even though I spoke with a lot of people even before I decided to officially join the group I then run with, and even if most of this people agreed with me on my general ideas about how to develop our municipality (mostly concerning tourism and its development), and even if some of them actually "committed" in partaking on those most important activities that we could achieve to organize or develop, when the time finally came, almost no one showed up to help... that's something hard to swallow for me, honestly, and made me take the decision to not to repeat this experience: I'm not there to foster my personal agenda or to make myself a name, my intent was and is only that of helping people in becoming better members of our community and in "teaching" them some basic skills needed to be a successful manager of yourself and your aspirations.. but if people do not want to bother about that, even if that goes completely against their interest (not properly exploiting the tourism in my area is an idiocy and makes the people go away in search of fortune somewhere else when they literally have a gold mine under their feet), well what am I supposed to do then?

However, if anything I learnt another lesson and I now have another favorite motto that I often cite (and some of you already heard it): every people, meaning the actual People, has the politicians it deserves.
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