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Writers Blog. My full list of stories in this year.

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Writers Blog. My full list of stories in this year

Hey all! This year for me was real gift. In march 2021 i was accepted to Russian Union of Writers, its the biggest organisation in my country. I was only 27. Yeah, young age for this union with a lot of people after 40-50 or even older. I was happy about it. Really!

Of course, i`m still working with my sci-fi universe. If you saw Creative Writing or my other Blog posts, you have more information about it. In this year i fully finished with my story "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness". Now i am planning other stories, and of course working with translation of my old.
If you noticed, my thread of this story ("Revenge of Tyrants") updating every day.

Now i want to speak about my full list of stories in this year.
- "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness" (fully finished and corrected)
- "Tale about Doge Bertolino and his wonderful pet".
- "Space is around us".

2 stories are already in TWcenter. For example, Tale about Bertolino was published some months ago.
I`m working in TWcenter Creative Writing sector.

I. "Revenge of Tyrants. Darkness"
short annotation:
20000 BC. Zabergan-Prime planet. Hyperborean governor Zsolt Krajinsky is under attack. Nicomedian soldiers in this planet made a rebellion and took governor as hostage. Hyperborean command is going to release this man. But situation is changing every minute. It soon becomes clear that the capture of the governor is just the beginning of something big and sinister. And in danger now is whole galaxy.

II. "Tale about doge Bertolino and his wonderful pet"
short annotation:
Just a story from doge Rossi, high ruler of Beljamonte in 2596 AD, about his old ancestor, who have strange and wonderful mechanical "pet" in his house. This story is about the true friendship between robot and human. And this also have question - Do robots still have a soul?

III. "Space is around us".
short annotation:
Planet Unger, year 2590. Scientist with a big experience Aiaks Maximus encounters strange phenomena. His good friend Andras Karakazov, the most famous astronaut in government, is dead. Many sources are saying, that Karakazov made a suicide. But Aiaks don`t believe it. He's sure that tragedy happened because of some space secret that Andrash was trying to convey. But what secret? And why?

Thank you very much for reading it!
If you`re interested in my universe, don`t forget to see Creative Writing section here!

Best regards A.Krokhmal aka BagaturKhan
Creative Writing