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I finished correction work with "Revenge of Tyrants". Story is ready completely.

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Hello TWCenter!
I must say, i have finished correction work with "Revenge of Tyrants", my big sci-fi/fantasy work.
i am talking about this story.

For now my main task - to publish full translation of it here, in TWC. Its not too hard work, because i know english well. I decided to post full work in parts. So i will not post full story here with 100500 pages. No, i will introduce you short parts. Maybe 1 part in a day. And soon, full story will be here completely.

If you forget, my official proffession is writer, and i`m working with my own sci-fi/fantasy universe.
Its have 2 periods - Hyperborean (20000 BC) and New Age 2596. I have published many chronicles here and in TWC Wiki (thanks to Makanyane for Wiki help and thanks Alwyn for support here with literature work).

The story with name "Revenge of Tyrants" i started to work more then a year ago. So it was a hard work. A lot of nights without sleeping. And now its fully finished with correction. As i noticed, correction is more hard, then writing.
and its also the main part of all literature works.

I hope, you`ll like it all!

Best regards Alex Krokhmal aka BagaturSasha (BagaturKhan)
Creative Writing