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Normal or nuts?

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For some peculiar reason I do get angry when waiting for an elevator and someone presses the button that I have already pressed.

“What, I didn’t press the button right?”
“Seriously, do you think pressing it again is going to make the elevator come faster?”
“Pressing the button – what a splendid idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

And then afterward I wonder if that wasn’t a wee bit overboard, eg nutty. Reason why I am sharing this is because I came across an article that tackles the question in this particular situation:

Cracking the nutAs you watch someone act as if he‘s got the only functioning brain cells left on the planet sarcastic remarks go through your head. Those silent screams reflect a very normal reaction to being disrespected.
What’s wrong here is the idea that you were disrespected. Most likely it was a mindless action on the button presser’s part – sheer habit. The guy wasn’t disrespecting you; he wasn’t even thinking of you. When we sit around thinking that everything everyone does is an affront to us, that’s the problem.
A little self-centredness is completely normal and it’s especially understandable in the elevator button press scenario because you are gong to be stuck in close proximity to the person disregarding you. But if you get to where you’re raging against almost everyone you encounter then you may have some issues going on. It could too much self esteem or too little- too much and it’s all about you (It’s not), too little and you feel invisible (You’re not).
The article did speak to me and I have totally changed my approach in this situation: I press the button again, right in front of the other guy. Take that!

Updated October 25, 2021 at 12:25 AM by Gigantus

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  1. Septentrionalis's Avatar
    Haha, nice one. I can relate to that.

    My favorite people are the ones who refuse to take your advice on how something is done and stubbornly try ways that do not work. Eventually, having failed with all other approaches, they end up doing it how you have suggested all the while. Then they look triumphant and proud, taking the credit of finding a way that works.
  2. Gigantus's Avatar
    While I admire the urge and initiative to find ways how things don't work (I never say no to entertainment) the concluding part of it is certainly irritating, if not annoying.
  3. Flinn's Avatar
    Take stairs, problem solved
  4. Gigantus's Avatar
    Never thought I'd hear 'the Dude' promote stair climbing
  5. Flinn's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigantus
    Never thought I'd hear 'the Dude' promote stair climbing
    I've softened with age