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Reading Goal Surpassed Again and other things.

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Since my last update I have once again passed my reading goal. I am now hovering at 72 books. The return to school has been drain on my time and energy so unfortunately a lot of them are shorter than normal, but I feel that given the time constraints it is a reasonable thing to continue counting.

Books Read

The North Water
The Black Ice
The Lost Hero
Call of the Wild
SW Death Troopers
SW Out of the Shadows (60)
The Golden Compass
War of the Worlds
The Subtle Knife
The Songs of Distant Earth
Zia (Blue Dolphins 2)
The Amber Spyglass
Conqueror’s Pride
The Giver
Gathering Blue
Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu (don't judge I was curious)

Favorite Books: Probably the His Dark Materials trilogy. Hard to tell for sure. I liked the overall story. But for a single book, it's probably either Star Wars Death Troopers (basically zombie horror in the Star Wars universe) or The Songs Of Distant Earth by Clarke.

Least Favorite: Honestly none. I think I liked them all. Though the Giver Quartet was "fun" in a "Oh cool this is basically like if Handmaid's Tale was written for kids...neat..." sort of way.

Most looking forward to book:
Either continuing the Heroes of Olympus series by Riordan or the Conqueror's series by Zahn.

Honorable Mention: I love how in War of the Worlds HG Wells points out how stupid people were for continuing to poke the bear with the first fallen Tripod after it has already zapped people. What lovely commentary for the modern age.

Do I plan on going for 100 books? Unlikely. But it will be interesting if I do manage to get to it. Between the next few months I do have about 4 weeks of time off so you never know.


Other things:

The wedding had to be postponed, unfortunately. Case numbers are not good and I did not want to risk friends/family even though they would all be vaccinated (the one rule of the wedding, much to the annoyance of some less enlightened people). I'm beyond sick and tired of the rest of the world, including myself, needing to be the more responsible ones in the absence of reason by a particular group of people.

Not much else is going on. Luckily we are in the final week of our first quarter and then I get a well deserved rest. I'm looking forward to seeing where else this year can take me.