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Elfurr Hegemony questions in my universe. Why i created the superior race in galaxy.

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Elfurr Hegemony questions in my universe.
Why i created the superior race in galaxy.

All information about my Universe development you can find in the Creative Writing section in this forum. - here you can find all articles about history and development process.

I started to work on it since 2008 AD. Today is 2021 year, the half of it. So how much time i am working with it? Sometimes i thinking that i am working on it all my life. Maybe its a real truth. Maybe all my life is my own universe. But, anyway, to create worlds - is a really cool job.

So let me tell you some things from my universe, which i created a long time ago.

Lets speak about the situation in galaxy in the time near the XXVI century AD. My story is having a plot about the Elfurr race supremacy. Here i am trying to describe more all details about the mysterious Elfurr race.

What connections have Elfurr Empire and Coalition of the Intergalactic States?

Elfurr (Elf`Urr, Ancients, Alvii, Elveni, Sidhe, Sids, Star Singers or Singalis) is an ancient powerful elf-like race from my fantasy universe. History of this race is going to the far past. Legends said, that Elfurr were powerful even in the period of Sovi`Lar race, which was destroyed in the terrible civil war. It was million years ago. Elfurr are looking like fantasy elves. Their men and women are beautiful. They all are high and long-haired. They have strong bodies and strong bones system. They are absolutely invincible against all toxines and poisons. They can survive in planets with low level of air and bad atmosphere. They are stronger then many creatures. And they are potential rulers of the whole galaxy.

It just so happened that in the 23rd century, thanks to the Great Pact of the Galaxy, a Coalition emerged. Its full name is the United Coalition of Galactic States. But as many experts mistakenly believe, the idea of ​​creating the Galaxy Coalition did not belong to Elfurr, although it was their representative who became the first chairman of the Coalition. The idea belonged to liberal-minded citizens of completely different galactic states. One of them was Targost Kartavin, a diplomat from the Holy Byzantine Empire who had an affinity with the President of the Earth, George Ibraham. After discussing with President Ibraham the idea of ​​creating a united galactic alliance, Kartavin proposed this idea to other liberals and philosophers of the galaxy. Elfurr caught on to Kartavin's ideas and immediately began to promote them. Although in reality these were rather selfish desires. The Elfurr possessed the most powerful technology in the galaxy and were second to none of the known races. Therefore, they wanted to lead the Coalition, as they considered themselves worthy leaders of all the peoples of the universe. In the middle of the 23rd century, the elfurr neb`taui (high ruler, pharaoh) Amenemhat IV Scorpio, together with Targost Kartavin, officially announced the creation of a new galactic association. Under the new agreements, each civilization that is part of the Coalition automatically entered into an alliance with all of its members. From now on, issues of the large galactic economy began to be resolved together. According to the Galactic Coalition Proclamation, each race present in the alliance must make decisions in agreement with the Coalition's Security Council. In the event of an attack on one of the states that are part of the association, all the others were obliged to intervene immediately. In addition, a comprehensive poverty reduction program was announced. It was acted in accordance with the instructions of the Security Council. After the proclamation of the Coalition, a united military force was created, consisting of representatives of different races. Interracial academies of psionics (creatures with the strongest "sorcery" abilities) appeared. Humans and members of other races from now on trained together. It would seem that the Coalition is a real utopia for the entire Galaxy. Universal equality and unity. But only a century later, many races began to understand that the Coalition was only a puppet initiative of Elfurr. After all, Elfurr received complete superiority over the union. The Security Council was headed by their direct protégés. Even the window dressing with the arrival of the dragonid Ser`Nakruthar after the end of Amenemkhet's presidency did not save the Coalition's position. Elfurr started to be dominators race in the whole galaxy. And what is Coalition? Its just their big and powerful project.

Why Elfurr is superior? And what is their main target?

The Elfurr possess the most powerful space fleet in the galaxy. However, they never disclose the sources of their technologies. Their pyramidal-shaped ships ply the vastness of the universe, and seem accessible to everyone. But at the same time, many levels on these ships are hidden for representatives of other civilizations. Even if the Elfurr ship is part of the Coalition fleet, several of its levels are inaccessible to those who do not belong to their race.

The most powerful Elfurr ships:

Pyramide Gamma class ships
(types "Purifier", "Rescuer", "Ahnihilator", "Destructor", "Punisher", "Blast-thrower", "Fire-thrower", "Galaxy Storm")

Pyramide Beta class ships
(types "Universe Destructor", "Flame Generator", "Death Bringer", "Desolation Bringer", "Universe Oblivion")

Pyramide Alpha class ships
(types "Absolute Dominion", "End of Worlds", "Undeniable Power")

Every ship of this list can destroy 3 or 4 battle frigates of the Earth Alliance or Kinos Dominion. Almost every ship of Elfurr armada have ahnihilator energetic guns, which nature is unexplored for many races. Elfurr haven`t got carrier class ships, because every ship of their fleet is carrier. They can transport almost 40 000 soldiers in their simple ships "Pyramide Gamma" class. More modernized pyramides can transport more then 500 000 warriors with battle vehicles, aviation, drones and roboto-technical constructions. Almost every ship have 2 or 3 nuclear warheads.

For now (in 2596 AD) their main leader, king of kings Senuhsert III Scorpio, considered himself as a peaceful ruler. But is it truth? Many Elfurr critics thinks, that is not a truth, because Senuhsert is still working with technologies improvement.

Elfurr deny the theory about the Black Hole Generators in their warheads list. This weapon officialy equals to the forbidden and forgotten. But some critics continue to say, that BHG is still exists in Elfurr fleets. And many Elfurr admirals knows about this weapon very good, and even are ready to use it in battles.

This race have control on many secret weapons, but they also have a decent base of medicaments. They defeated many pandemics and viruses with their secret preparations. Elfurr medicine is the best in whole galaxy. They can work with cancer and with many horrible diseases. They can

What is main target of Elfurr after all? Absolute domination in the whole galaxy.
But the strangest thing is that the Elfurr are not an evil civilization. Elfurr Empire is not main enemy in my universe. To say more, its just an intermediate force, which have evil and good both. Sometimes Elfurr fleet can really help against more cruel enemy. For example, evil races from the far galaxy or unknown threats.


What about the opposition? And how Galaxy thinks about Elfurr?

Of course, there is opposition among the Coalition. Elfurr's supremacy and their penetration into many states of the galaxy are few people like. But with the dissatisfied Elfurr, they are usually treated very harshly. They eliminate them with miniature drones. This is why Elfurr has so few open enemies. Though the pursuit of supremacy did not save the Elfurr race from the rebellion of 2593, which formed the Acheron League.

Coalition state members
(potential Elfurr vassals):

- Elfurr Empire (main leader of Coalition)

- Human Galactic States
- Dragonid Empire
- Kinos Dominion
- Lapi`Nar Empire
- Velogars Union
- Nicomedian Solidarity
- Farruh Empire
- Ghoul`Khan Empire
- Unn-Chor Dominion (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Kho-Nari Empire (left the Coalition in 2593)
- N-Sai Solidarity (left the Coalition in 2593)
- St-Fing Empire (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Gat`Tt Collective (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Aranguto Realms (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Kosatti Union (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Sozidaus Union (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Yllis Republic (left the Coalition in 2593)
- Other states and realms (which are huge in number)

I created the Elfurr race in 2008 year. The first name of this faction was "Ancients". Then i renamed them to "Elf`Ann", and only some time, they get new name - "Elf`urr" or "Elfurr".

Thank you very much for reading it! See ya.
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