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Reading Again (Continued) And other things

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Been a few months and as I predicted in my last blog I did indeed slow down on my book reading. Unfortunately the return to work just killed my energy every week.

However I have made more progress; eleven more books down since the end of March and tons more still to read.

Books Read

Emperor: The Gates of Rome
The Nine (Wolf of Corwick Book 1)
Pacific Vortex!
Mediterranean Caper
Raise the Titanic!
The Terror
Star Wars: Outbound Flight
SW Tarkin
Eaters of the Dead
The Wolf At Large (Wolf of Corwick Book 2)

Favorite Book from this group:
The Terror. Definitely a bit long but was a great read. Very depressing though. Will need to find more books from Dan Simmons.

Least Favorite Book from this group:
Probably Pacific Vortex! Been meaning forever to read Clive Cussler books and some of his early work is....rough. Entertaining but glad he took the time to improve his craft.

Most anticipated future book:
I'm kinda excited to finish the Wolf of Corwick series. Currently on book 3 (out of 4) and they have all been surprisingly decent for free books on Kindle Unlimited. Nothing earth shattering or genre defining but solid books overall.

Least anticipated future book:
Unclear at this point. The next Star Wars High Republic series books comes out soon and I am somewhat concerned about the direction they may take. I am also bummed that the Emperor series by Conn Iggulden takes so many liberties with history that it kind of killed my interest after the very first book (Gates of Rome). I am unsure if I want to continue with that series or even get his next one (Conqueror).


Other news

Not much. On summer break now. Our principal decided to retire which bummed out our whole campus because of all the amazing work he has done in the past three years. Hopefully our next principal will be good as well. Got plenty of support from parents in the final couple of weeks as well which was amazing considering how stressful it was.

Went to a nearby national park for our first proper vacation in nearly 2 years. Saw a bear. Proposed to my girlfriend (said yes) while on a hike. Got a bit dehydrated. Was a lot of fun. Was surprised I was able to do it considering how out of shape I am. Planning on future hikes.

Can't think of anything else. Hope everyone is staying safe in this crazy time.

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