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The Football Rant - We Are Wubbing Massive

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Enuff said. If you want further proof;
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How. I can't believe we're in this position. 25 games done and we're in fourth. Biggest club in London. Above Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal. We are massive. Last year we were fourth from bottom. Now we're fourth from top. That's a decent boost this season, eh?

So, how? In January we sold our other striker, which means we have one fit striker. And he can't run around for more than 60 minutes before getting exhausted. Our star centerback this season is a guy who was 4th choice at the club he got relegated with last year. Our midfield pivot of Rice and Soucek is maybe the best in the league. Their partnership is amazing, though if I hear a Fellaini comparison one more time I'll smash something. Soucek is also our best scout - he got our Right Back, Coufal in. And he's been phenomenal. Going forwards we have a few creative players, Benrahma looks like a proper playmaker. Bowen is playing poorly, but still getting assists. And we have J/Lingz on loan from Manchester United, who#s scored 3 goals in 4 games. What a player, he#s having quite the resurgence here after being booted from the Manu first team for a year or so.

On paper, we have a weak squad, which shouldn't be playing on the level it is. So, how? The answer boils down to one simple thing.

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David Moyes has done a phenomenal job. According to the players, team spirit is higher than ever. People are coming to training on off days just to be with the squad and train more. I mean, look at this celebration

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The players love each other, which drives them harder and lets them play better. In very single game I watch I see every single player running their fastest, trying their hardest and giving it all for the team. They drop down exhausted when it's done, for they have given it all. We are buzzing. They are buzzing. We are massive. Also, Slavia Praha, which by now has become our BFF club due to Soucek and Coufal beat Leicester yesterday, celebrating with Soucek on Facetime. And Molde beat Hoffenheim in the Europa League, advancing into the round of 16, which a Norwegian team has never done before. It's a good time to be a Norwegian Hammer.

So what does this hold for the future?

Well. While we're in top 4 for now, it'll only last so long. We have a very tough run of fixtures coming up, and we play Manchester City, who haven't lost in 17 games tomorrow. If we get a result there I'll start to believe we can make top 4 for real. Realistically, I'd be delighted with Europe, top 6 would be phenomenal nonetheless. The community outreach of the club is spreading too - They've started to have AMA's with the players on twitter and the subreddit (which surprised me but I'm delighted with). There's more detailed behind the scenes videos going up on the Youtube Channel, which is a delight to watch. But honestly, for me the results are just a massive bonus. I'm just happy to see a club with players who cares. They're proper grafters, play good football and seeing a happy squad that actually cares makes me a very happy Hammer. Come on you irons!


  1. Flinn's Avatar
    Well this is certainly a unique season, isn't it? I'm sure next year you'll be down again to fourth from bottom!